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IT Outsourcing In Toronto

Many companies fail to exploit the full potential of their markets because they lack the right technology. Adopting new technology often has a huge cost implication, such as needing an in-house IT department. Small companies also lack the financial muscle to hire top IT talents, which dulls their competitive edge. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this hurdle by outsourcing your IT services to an external team.

IT outsourcing confers multiple cost-saving benefits, accelerates software development while lowering costs, and increases scalability. Outsourcing allows small and medium companies to innovate, expand their capacity, and increase their product range without incurring huge overhead costs.

Hiring an external IT service grants access to IT services, functionality, and support reserved for large companies. Best of all, you enjoy these services at a fraction of the costs minus the administrative headache. Outsourcing puts a team of world-class software engineers and developers at your disposal when creating new products or expanding product lines.

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What is IT Outsourcing? 

IT outsourcing is hiring an external team in a different region or country to handle various IT functions for your company. The IT functions range from routine tasks such as data entry, network management, and disaster recovery to product and software development. Outsourcing improves your ability to build new solutions without piling responsibilities in your in-house team or hiring new employees.

How Does IT Outsourcing Work?

With outsourcing, you define a new project and delegate the task implementation to a trusted partner, in this case, an external team. Your role comes down to providing oversight from a distance, freeing up the in-house team to focus more on growing your business.

IT outsourcing companies offer fully managed services or co-sourced IT support. With a fully managed service, the outsourced team takes over all your IT services and is ideal for small and medium companies. It is an excellent way to access professional IT services without hiring an in-house team.

A co-sourced IT support service complements an internal IT team and is ideal for large organizations.

Commonly Outsourced IT Services 

Businesses often outsource IT services and projects to increase productivity, overcome skills shortages, reduce costs, and capitalize on external expertise and experience.

Some of the commonly outsourced projects include:

  • Software and application development
  • Database management and development
  • Web design and development
  • Help desk or technical support
  • Infrastructure management and maintenance
  • Network and communication

Types of IT Outsourcing 

You have three options when hiring an IT outsourcing company—onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

  • Onshore: Refers to hiring IT professionals in your city or nearby areas. It is ideal if you wish for great control while keeping the cost reasonable.
  • Nearshore: Refers to outsourcing your IT projects to neighboring countries that fall in the same time zones. This option removes communication and communication barriers while granting you access to rare and valuable skills.
  • Offshore: It entails outsourcing your projects to another country, regardless of the time zone differences. It delivers the highest cost savings but may present various logistical challenges.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Needs in Toronto

Toronto is the perfect nearshore outsourcing destination for North American businesses.

Market Advantage 

You’re guaranteed a team that understands your market or falls within your target market. Besides helping you develop your product quickly, your development team may offer invaluable advice. They may use personal experience with similar or related products to create an outstanding solution.

Hassle-free Experience 

Outsourcing an IT project to a team in Toronto means contending with minimal time zone and cultural differences. Since there are no language barriers, you can communicate directly with the individual team members. Flawless communication and time zone overlaps help expedite project delivery by eliminating unnecessary delays.

Huge Cost Savings

Your American dollars go further in Toronto, and hiring a Canadian team compounds your cost savings benefits. You can hire a fully-fledged team of IT experts for the cost of hiring one in-house IT expert. With outsourcing services, you only pay for the hours worked. You’re not liable for paid time off, health insurance, or other costly administrative processes.

World-class Talents

Canada has a highly educated and skilled tech workforce, so you gain access to a team of IT professionals with diverse skills and knowledge. Nearshore outsourcing is an excellent way to overcome a skills shortage in your home country. Access to rare and valuable skills means you can be first to market with an innovative solution, giving you an edge over the competition.

An Expanded Worldview 

Outsourcing your IT project to Toronto has the unique benefit of expanding your worldview. It powers your ability to innovate by incorporating new ideas, cultures, and ways of thinking into the current project. A diverse mindset enriches your product or service offerings to delight customers and increase business profitability.

IT Outsourcing Models

An IT outsourcing model defines how you collaborate with your outsourced team and outlines the expected outcomes. Typically, there are three common types of outsourcing models.

Project-Based Model

With this model, you hire a team to implement a project with a defined scope. The project manager assumes all responsibilities for the project’s quality and performance.

Best for: Simple, uncomplicated projects with well-studied and predictable functionality.

Dedicated Team Model

You hire a team that works exclusively on your project until it’s complete and ready to launch. A dedicated team can double as technical and product advisors because it’s more engaged with the project and may offer ideas and suggest alternative options.

Best for: Startups looking to build complex and scalable projects with many vague requirements. It is perfect for validating an idea, establishing product-market fits, or testing new markets.

Outsource Model 

This model is ideal when you have a team in place but need a few additional professionals to handle the overflow.

Best for: Short-term projects with pressing deadlines or when you need extra help to beat a deadline.

Own Your Project 

Hiring a dedicated IT outsourcing service provider in Toronto gives you the edge you need to dominate your market. The team will handle the implementation processes while keeping you in the loop. Outsourcing to Toronto confers all the benefits of nearshoring your IT operations. You can easily provide oversight and directions for successful project completion. Hiring an IT team in North America delivers matchless peace of mind by eliminating the logistical headaches associated with offshore outsourcing.

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