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IT Services For Toronto Dentists

Dental practitioners need IT support that can do more than remove viruses and update software, regardless of how big or modest their operation is. Regulations and threats brought on by the expanding digital world also demand technical competence in IT services and solutions. Besides, the priority in your dental office should be patients rather than your IT.

For Toronto dental practices, the professionals at Tektonic provide specialized IT help to keep your network operational, secure, and current. With our managed IT services, Tektonic checks your network and hardware to address any existing issues and stop new ones from impairing your operations.

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The Importance of IT to Dentists

In many aspects, dental clinics are like any other type of enterprise. They ought to keep track of their financial data, while also overseeing patient appointments and employee scheduling. However, unlike other enterprises, dental offices also handle private medical data and are subject to stringent privacy regulations.

The IT architecture of a dental clinic must support each of these functions. The real kicker is that several software options created, especially for dentistry businesses, are now available. However, it might be challenging to choose the best Practice Management Software (PMS) and Digital Imaging choices for dentistry practices because there are so many options on the market. In this situation, you need competent IT support.

Tektonic’s IT Support & IT Services Solutions for Toronto Dentists

Recognizing what every service comprises about dentistry can help you determine how much of a benefit you may receive from employing Tektonic’s solutions. The following are a few key areas in which our services can significantly improve your Toronto dental practice.

Data Backup and Recovery

A dental practice’s fundamental data and information are its backbones, just like almost all other businesses operating in the modern world. All dental data, including patient, billing, and other data, should be secure, redundant, and ready for recovery.

Tektonic has a solid and trustworthy strategy for prompt data backup and recovery. To account for any modifications or improvements, our system runs incremental backups. Besides, our Backup/Recovery Device (BDR), which substitutes the server itself if your equipment breaks, is also crucial. And because of the smooth transition, you can carry on with your regular business operations while fixes are being made.

Network Protection

Even though it would be hard to understand why someone would want to steal information from a dental practice, you can never rule it out. If they access the rich and confidential data contained in a patient’s medical records, hackers could cause enormous damage. Therefore, developing a strategy for network security is essential.

At Tektonic, our experts will install an enterprise-level hardware firewall, ideal as the initial defence line from viruses and malware.

Cloud Services

One of the most significant technological assets that small and medium-sized enterprises can utilize is the cloud. Having and running your own server and technological equipment can be expensive regarding the initial investment and the labour involved in maintaining it.

However, you can work as though you had access to a server farm’s resources, thanks to cloud servers. At Tektonic, we help you configure your business’s most practical cloud infrastructure and guide you through its ongoing maintenance.

Fast Response and Resolution

When your IT assets go down, your dental clinic’s operations and the patient’s experience deteriorate. At Tektonic, we know that this can harm your credibility among patients. So, our goal is to rapidly and effectively address your needs. With their extensive understanding, our IT specialists can identify and fix issues promptly.

Besides, you can benefit from our VoIP telephone network. This network allows you to provide top-notch service by enhancing patient care, streamlining administrative processes, and maximizing client involvement.

IT Outsourcing for Dentists in Toronto

You can save money, enhance cybersecurity, maintain compliance with laws, optimize network dependability, and do so by outsourcing our IT solutions. Consider the following top benefits that we bring to the table:

Fast Connection

You can use Tektonic’s fast internet access if you choose our managed IT services. This could increase productivity and help you maintain contact with your patients and personnel. You could also benefit from cloud-based software and services with a quick internet connection, which might advance your practice’s initiatives to promote teamwork, security, and production efficiency.

Better Savings

By partnering with Tektonic, you can spend less on IT services, software, and hardware. Additionally, you won’t have to engage employees full-time to oversee your IT, and you can benefit from economies of scale to save money on IT products and solutions.


You risk paying huge fines when you don’t adhere to essential industry guidelines. Our experts are knowledgeable about compliance and can guide you away from pricey faults that can hinder you from passing audits or even becoming a cybercrime target.


With us as your Toronto IT service provider, we will guide you on how to put solid security measures in place to safeguard your clinical data and essential client information.

Network Reliability

To prevent expensive and annoying downtimes, Tektonic assists you in maintaining and troubleshooting your network. This is crucial because having unrestricted access to the data allows you to offer your patients the care they want whenever they want it.

Better Customer Service

Tektonic’s round-the-clock support also includes assisting you in providing better customer service. This guarantees that if there is an issue with your system, help will be available immediately. Besides, providing prompt and courteous customer service can maintain satisfied patients and a seamless operation in your office.

Contact Tektonic Today to Speak with Toronto Dental IT Experts

At Tektonic, we have the expertise required to ensure the success of your Toronto dental office. When your IT infrastructure is streamlined and operating at full strength, your dental office may concentrate on avenues of expansion instead of continuously addressing IT problems. If you are unsure where to begin, get in touch with us immediately, and we’ll be glad to help you get the best out of your IT.

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