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Toronto’s R Courier – – a privately owned courier company with over 300 employees – – needs protection from server crashes and other IT issues, and that’s why they trust in Tektonic.

R Courier offers courier services to local, national and international businesses, and handle pickups and deliveries for a large number of healthcare agencies and laboratories across Canada. Fast, reliable service for their clients is always their priority. When one of their software vendors performed updates on their rcoMobile application, causing the application to freeze and the entire server to crash, they relied on R Courier to get them up in running again.

Toronto IT Services

The Tektonic team:

  • Performed an initial assessment of the R Courier IT infrastructure and installed a Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery System
  • Recovered the rcoMobile server from the latest backup
  • Brought R Courier back online within hours, saving them from expensive and potentially devastating downtime

R Courier knows that Tektonic is a leader in the Canadian IT industry, and recommends their services to all other businesses in the area.

“Between their 24/7 support, problem-solving and expertise, they go way beyond their job description, and my expectations,” says R Courier President Hamid Zeighami. “Sam and Jorge from Tektonic are great guys—I can’t say enough about how helpful they are, and the value their services have added to my business. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses in Toronto, and throughout Ontario.”

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