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Tektonic’s Business Computer Services In Burks Falls, Ontario

Tektonic’s Business Computer Services In Burks Falls, Ontario

As a business owner in Burks Falls, Ontario, you are probably pondering how to separate your business from the competition. Keeping up with business tech trends is one way to streamline your business services and position yourself ahead of the competition. Since you probably have a lot on your hands managing essential business operations, it’s advisable to outsource your IT needs to our team of experts at Tektonic. We will help you develop more streamlined operations and secure your network from ransomware and other security issues.

Below are other essential services that we can offer your business:

Computer Networking

Networking technology keeps evolving and has now incorporated wireless systems. Different hardware in your organization can connect despite being portable. As such, you need reliable computer networking to ensure your business information gets channeled successfully across various channels. This way, employees can share ideas quickly and work efficiently.

A good computer network also allows you to store vital data in a centralized location. This way, different devices in your network can retrieve data from the main location. You can also access data from other devices and modify it to suit your needs.

Computer Networking
Network Security Services

Network Security Services

By now, you are already familiar with the terms hackers, spoofers, ransomware, phishers, and more names used to refer to the bad guys. As you concentrate on building your business, these cybercriminals are always looking for ways to wreck it. And in the current hyper-connected world, your business may be exposed to numerous vulnerabilities, and hackers will look for ways to exploit them to the maximum.

Fortunately, we at Tektonic know where your computer network could be vulnerable. Our network security services provide you with the best practices and the right tools to monitor and prevent theft, misuse, and unauthorized access to sensitive data on your network. You can depend on our expertise in planning, auditing, monitoring, implementing, and management of your network security solutions that suits your business needs.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing has become a key part of most businesses because it offers high security, enormous capacity, and better security. Our cloud services offer you a secure place to store, manage, and process your data on a server hosted remotely. And with the growing number of web-enabled devices, cloud hosting makes it easier to access data. Also, the cloud acts as a virtual office, so you have more flexibility to connect to your enterprise from anywhere and anytime. Even better, the cloud acts as a backup, so you can always recover your data in case of a disaster.

We can help with whichever cloud deployment model fits your business, including:

  • Private cloud: A private cloud is owned by a single business and has a more controlled environment with centralized access to IT resources. With a private cloud, you have greater control of the server, improved security, and customizable storage.
  • Public: A public cloud is accessible to many organizations, but the cloud provider is responsible for maintaining the resources. This cloud environment is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises who want to save on IT operational costs.
  • Hybrid cloud: A hybrid environment avails more tailored IT solutions for your business. You enjoy the benefits of both private and public cloud environments cost-effectively with enhanced security.
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Business Computer Support & Assistance in Burks Falls, Ontario from Tektonic

As a business owner in Ontario, you have many things to work on daily. You don’t have to stress yourself with your IT infrastructure that seems too complex to comprehend. Hand over the management of your computer systems to Tektonic. We have the skills and advanced technology to handle any IT issue that can lead to downtime. We’ll also secure your network and seal all loopholes that cybercriminals can use to steal your essential data. Contact us today for more details about our business computer support & services.


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