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There aren’t many diligent, reputable managed service providers (MSPs) who can honestly say they have better IT solutions than most – and can also save their clients time and money getting them done. Well, TekTonic is one of those kinds of managed IT service providers, and we have the latest, leading-edge data backup solutions for Toronto businesses like yours (business up to large enterprises) – and we have just the right service packages to perfectly complement and optimize your vendor management and technology output.

Data Backup Solutions for the 21st Century

If you’re still using the 20th Century technology of tape backups, you’re going to want to give serious consideration to throwing them out altogether.

Because we are deep into the 21st Century now, and all Toronto business owners are experiencing threats to their data backup and storage that warrants much more effective data backup technology.

Modern-day threats such as natural disasters, ransomware, and even insider cyber breach call for much more reliable data backup solutions in Toronto.

They require the kind of assurance that will allow you to sleep soundly at night and wake up confident that you can meet all your daily business challenges without worrying – “Will I get a compliance violation or suffer a data breach that could sink my entire operation?”

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The Best Backup Solutions for Toronto Businesses Are Here

The truth of the matter is, if you’re not protecting your data with secured backup solutions, you’re at risk for a costly occurrence of data loss, breach, or theft that could leave your company paralyzed.

But, you don’t need to take these unnecessary risks – TekTonic is a trusted partner in disaster avoidance for Toronto businesses of all sizes, types, and industries.

We offer Disaster Avoidance and data backup solutions for Toronto businesses that diligently keep your data secure, accessible, and reliable around the clock, 365 days a year.

While other companies talk about data backup solutions in Toronto, Tektonic ensures not only data backup but also the timely, efficient retrieval of the data that has been stored.

Convinced, and ready to go? Give the Tektonic team a call now at (416) 256-9928 or send us an email at sales@tek-help.com for more on exactly how we deliver backup solutions for Toronto businesses that protect your vital proprietary and client information and what that means for the security and continuity of your business!

If you’re not taking precautions to protect your data, you’re putting your business at risk for costly data loss, reputational damage, and potential legal liability.

These are far more costly situations than having a reliable IT partner in your corner, charging only a nominal monthly fee for Toronto backup solutions that you will find to be invaluable.

Our Clients Speak to Our Superior IT Service

Just ask one of our many loyal, satisfied clients how our Toronto data backup solutions have been helping them keep the data breach wolf from their door.

They will tell you something like, “Tektonic has provided timely, reliable, effective and always courteous computer, network and backup support to our law firm since 2006. Our goals of protecting sensitive client information, uninterrupted productivity and ease of use of our system has been possible due to Tektonic’s proactive monitoring and management of our system.” (5-star review of TekTonic by Lorraine Bortolussi B.A., LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), AccFM (OAFM))

Or, this, from the Executive Director of IPAC, “The Institute of Public Administration of Canada has been using the services of Tektonic for a number of years now. They are an incredibly reliable and customer focused company. Whether we are in our head office in Toronto or half way around the world on business, Tektonic is always there to assist with any problem we may have. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Data Backup Statistics Worth Noting

First, right off the top: 94% of companies will experience a data breach or catastrophe of some kind.

The Ponemon Institute surveyed 1,900 individuals from 419 companies in 16 countries. Of the 419 companies, 226 self-reported they have Business Continuity Management (BCM) involvement in resolving the consequences of a data breach. Of these companies, 95 percent rate such involvement as being “very significant”.

The Poneman study also revealed that companies who employ a BCM program that incorporates disaster recovery automation and orchestration saw a 39.5 percent reduction in average cost per day of a data breach, compared to companies with no BCM, viable data backup solutions, or disaster recovery.

It means a net difference of $1,655 per day.


With Tektonic handling your data backup solutions in Toronto, however, you can move forward with confidence knowing:

  • Your data is encrypted and backed up onsite and
  • Your data backups are monitored around-the-clock to prevent issues.
  • Your backups are tested on a regular basis to ensure recoverability.
  • Your backups will always be recoverable in a timely manner.

Keep unexpected events from impacting your business operations or your bottom line with state-of-the-art backup solutions for Toronto businesses that won’t sell you short or waste your time.

Get the Backup Solutions Toronto Businesses Require for Operations Surety!

Contact us today at (416) 256-9928 or sales@tek-help.com for more info, and engage with a company that can deliver sound data backup solutions for Toronto businesses and throughout Southern Ontario – Tektonic!

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