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IT Services For Small Businesses In Richmond Hill, ON

Richmond Hill, ON, is home to businesses, tech, and pioneers of major industries in Canada. Our team of IT experts and technicians have had the privilege to make businesses in this region stay on top of their IT game in the ever-changing technological environment.

IT Services For Small Businesses In Richmond Hill, ON
Richmond Hill IT Support
Richmond Hill IT Services

Get A Lineup of Business-Grade IT Services in Richmond Hill

When starting, you might not be certain what IT services your business needs. In such a case, we’ll assess your business, help you understand which technology expenses are critical, and only focus on tech solutions that maximize operational efficiency.

You don’t have to overspend on IT. You can choose what’s suitable for your business from the wide range of IT services we offer, which include:

1. Managed IT Services

Businesses need a reliable partner to keep their businesses on top of the IT game in the ever-changing tech environment.

Your business deserves the best coordination of any IT-related tasks. You can offload your organization’s IT functions to a trusted partner that will assume the duties such as:

  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software installation and maintenance
  • Network security needs
  • Cloud storage and computing needs
  • Help desk assistance
  • Onsite or remote support
  • Managed security
  • Managed server
  • Monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting any system in your IT environment

We’re here to offer you comprehensive managed IT support, improve your team’s productivity, and help you slash costs in managing IT roles in your business.

Sometimes, businesses need to offload part of their IT infrastructure without outsourcing their entire IT department. In such cases, we will create a co-managed plan to ensure your business is ready to face any IT hurdles that come your way.

More importantly, you’ll get greater cost control and better risk-evasion. Our team is more in tune with the current privacy regulations, advanced technology, and security threats and will protect you from the rapidly evolving threat.

2. Cloud Management Services

Server and desktop virtualization increase business productivity and efficiency.

The modern office and how it works is changing. Businesses are moving to the cloud to allow employees to work remotely and create a flexible working environment.

Businesses in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and the public sector are looking to virtualization to increase mobility and ensure access to data anytime without compromising security.

We offer cloud solutions that move organizations’ entire systems and employees to the cloud without compromising the security of client data. You’ll utilize the expertise of skilled server virtualization experts to virtualize your server and desktop.

Virtualization will help your business:

  • Save space within your business
  • Allow simple backup and restoration protocols
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Allow you to manage through a central interface
  • Prepare for business continuity

More importantly, virtualization will increase performance, flexibility, and utilization without hiking your IT costs.

Outsourced IT Services In Richmond Hill
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3. Office 365 Support

Office 365 has cloud-enabled applications and other productivity tools that redefine how you work and communicate with co-workers.

For instance, it has Microsoft Teams — a functional, well-integrated software that helps co-workers share information and connect without the need for physical meetings.

Apart from Microsoft Teams, the tool can boost productivity and decrease the burden of IT support. However, for your business to utilize Office 365 benefits, you need to structure how it will run.

Adopting Office 365 can move the work of all your users from the desktop and LAN to the cloud.

On top of other IT services, we’ll provide Microsoft Office 365 for no extra cost to help your business reach even higher levels of productivity. We’ll customize your office 365 to fit your business operation and migrate you without risking downtime or data loss.

4. Cybersecurity Services

If your business serves heavily regulated industries, you need to ensure your business remains compliant with security and regulations. Industries with heavy regulations include:

  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector

You have an obligation to safeguard data against information breaches and insider trading or face serious consequences. Cybersecurity is hard work, especially with the ever-increasing threats.

Tektonic’s cybersecurity service can immediately extend technology and team — eliminating the challenge and complexity of securing your business against increasingly aggressive cyberattacks.

We combine advanced security technology, a team of cybersecurity experts, and 24/7/365 managed security services to provide reliable cybersecurity solutions in Richmond Hill. Your business will utilize a truly powerful cyber security program.

More importantly, we’ll ensure you meet the compliance standards. Precisely, we’ll.

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5. Business Continuity Services

No Disaster Should Put You Out of Business

Disasters shut down many businesses. Unfortunately, they happen too quickly and might cost you thousands of dollars in data rebuild costs. Instead of worrying, you can prepare your business to get back on its feet in the face of unexpected data loss.

You need a strategic business continuity plan that entails planning, prevention, and protection to ensure your business continues operating no matter what happens. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Our team at Tektonic technologies will help your business.

To get the most reliable hardware solution, your vendor can offer:

  • Identify crucial business technology and potential risks to processes, systems, or location
  • Assess the potential impact of disruption to your business system
  • Meet the minimum uptime requirement
  • Device a business recovery plan
  • Implement data recovery strategies in case the worst happens
  • Access rapid recovery option to restore business operations after a disaster has happened

In case of any disruption or successful cyberattack, our continuity services will help you maintain business operations as usual.

Richmond Hill IT Services Company

Tektonic Technologies Delivers Nearly All IT Services a Small Business Might Want in Richmond Hill, Ontario

We’ve partnered with hundreds of small businesses in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that rely on data and continued uptime to maintain their operations. We offer a wide range of IT services to help small businesses leverage technology and protect data.

We can provide complete outsourced IT solutions, using the best technology and talent to help your business stand out. Contact us today to discuss your business IT services.

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