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Struggling To Hire Great Tech People In Toronto

Over the last few years, companies have been facing an inevitable labour shortage.

Not just in one particular industry, but hundreds or possibly thousands of companies. Organizations are struggling with the severity of the talent shortage left by the great resignation.

The effect is even worse in companies’ IT departments. The great turnover has created a huge IT skill gap — leaving organizations’ internal IT teams unable to supply tech solutions for peak performance.

However, that shouldn’t always be the case.

If your company is struggling to hire, recruit, and retain experienced IT talent, you can change how you approach the crisis.

Want to hire great tech people for your Toronto business or organization? Tektonic reveals how you can hire great tech people in Toronto.

Outsource Your IT Tasks to an External IT Company

The shift to remote work has made competition for tech talent fiercer than ever. Retaining an IT talent is nearly impossible. Even if your company hires top talent now, gives a competitive salary, and offers deal sweeteners, you’ll still struggle to retain the talent.

On the other end, every company should always have skilled IT talent to drive the business forward. In the tech-driven market, your business must handle current technology needs while planning for future problems.

That creates the need to work with a reliable and ever-available partner.

An external IT company can be your reliable partner. Instead of struggling to hire great people for your IT work, you can outsource to fill in the talent gap.

Ways in Which Outsourcing IT Support Eases the Struggle of Hiring Great IT Talent

Outsourcing IT services can help your business in multiple ways, but we want to focus on how it can ease the struggle of hiring an IT talent.

For starters, you have two options:

  • Outsourcing part of your IT tasks to relieve the workload of the remaining team
  • Letting the IT company operate as your IT department

Depending on the type of outsourced IT services you choose, your company will benefit from:

1. Easy Scaleability

Picture the perfect IT support your company needs for a new tech project. No doubt, it will help you keep up with the advanced new customer demand, boost business operations, and improve productivity.

However, what happens if your business suddenly or temporarily demands more or less IT support?

For instance, you’d want to address all order inquiries in your business peak season. You can choose to hire a new team of agents and train them to help you handle the company’s incoming inquiry calls.

However, it’s impractical.

During off-peak season, the newly hired team won’t be functional, costing your company unnecessary expenses.

If you choose to fire the new team when you don’t need it, you’ll lose your training investment. Plus, you’ll need to re-hire, re-train, and re-recruit during the following peak season. Outsourcing your IT services will boost your cost effect when scaling your business.

With outsourcing IT support, you can quickly scale up with already-trained talent to address the increasing demand and scale down when necessary.

The end result?

You only pay when necessary and get the right amount of IT skill supply at any time.

2. Better Availability — You Get an Ever-Available Partner

Choosing a managed IT service present to your company 24/7/365 support. Unlike hiring an employee, you get support even outside office hours, during weekends, and even holidays.

When you choose to hire employees, you only get working hours available. The employees are unavailable when:

  • Sick
  • On holiday
  • Taking a vacation
  • Deciding to shift to another company

In case an IT need arises during the unavailability period, you’ll need to hire an emergency team to ensure operations continue as normal. An external IT support company has technicians watching over your system even after working hours to ensure your system remains functional all the time.

3. Working with an Experienced IT Team

When you hire an external IT company, you let a team of industry experience manage your IT needs.

Finding a partner specializing in your industry presents an edge over working with an employee who needs the training to understand your company system. Leveraging technical and industry expertise allows you to solve specific industry problems in no time.

4. Improved Workload Management to Make Your Team Less Stressed Out

Struggling to hire great people for your company’s IT needs means struggling with managing the workload. You’re looking for people to help you fill in the technical gaps in your business.

Outsourcing IT services will relieve excessive workload pressure and stress on the remaining IT team. Instead of hiring an employee and using your limited resources, you can enjoy the benefits of freed-up resources.

More importantly, you’ll free up employees from handling IT tasks and let them focus on other activities they’re best at.

5. Cut Costs On IT Solutions and Save You Time

The cost of hiring, recruiting, training, and retaining IT employees is a reason enough to go for outsourced IT services. An external IT company save your business time and costs for the following:

  • Researching tech talent to fill in the existing gap
  • Competing with companies offering six figures to tech talent
  • Raising salaries to retain IT staff

Cutting costs doesn’t mean compromising service quality. Outsourcing IT services offers you a large pool of skills to deal with various IT tasks but skips the typical cost of hiring and retaining employees.

More importantly, you can easily budget your expenditure on IT solutions because your IT partner will develop and forecast an accurate budget depending on the changing needs of your business.

Tektonic Will Help You Fix The Struggle of Hiring Great IT Talent in Toronto

As the great resignation rages on, an inconsistent hiring process can be more harmful than good to your business. It can confuse employees about their roles.

Tektonic managed services will help you fix the struggle. We can help your Toronto business with IT tasks such as:

As a managed IT service company, we’re here to fill the tech gaps and ensure you have the IT skills and services that your organization needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you fill a vacant position in your IT team.

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