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Citrix Consulting Services In Toronto

Key Points:

  • Citrix is one of the best solutions for growing businesses wanting to increase their virtual desktop capabilities.
  • Whether your goal is to enable secure digital workspaces, redefine your network environment, or transition to the cloud, implementing a solution can be challenging.
  • Implementing a remote access solution that fills your organization’s needs requires expertise and planning.
  • A managed services provider can make the transition to Citrix seamless.

If your business is growing, you may be considering hiring new employees and adding extra workstations. Increasing your virtual desktop capabilities can help you grow but also creates new challenges for your system. Citrix provides best-of-breed remote connectivity for desktop virtualization solutions that scale and deliver an excellent user experience with ease of management.

Citrix Consulting Services In Toronto

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What is Citrix Consulting?

Business growth is good, and you added employees and workstations are necessary to continue growing. However, if your organization offers remote virtual desktop capabilities, the additional layer of complexity can cause your management time and costs to increase exponentially.

Citrix provides the highest quality remote connectivity for desktop virtualization solutions available. In addition, Citrix provides organizations with a simple, easy-to-manage, scalable solution that provides an exceptional user experience.

Implementing a remote access solution that fills your organization’s needs requires knowledge, expertise, and upfront planning. As an experienced Citrix consulting firm, we use our team’s technology experience and design expertise to create, implement, and optimize a solution that supports your employees and fits your business’s needs. At Tektonic, we assess your current technology infrastructure to understand your needs thoroughly and also consider how many remote users access the system and the applications required to perform their job.

How Your Organization Will Benefit from Our Citrix Consultation Services

Creating a secure infrastructure for user collaboration and applications is essential as your business and remote workforce grow. Citrix can be an integral part of your digital workspace strategy.

Our team of experienced IT engineers is qualified to help you with the entire suite of Citrix technologies and provide the associated maintenance. So whether your goals are to enable secure digital workspaces, redefine your current network environment, or transition to the cloud, we have the expertise to create a solution that meets your needs.

Services That Complement Citrix

Creating a secure infrastructure for your business is vital as your remote workforce grows. Several services complement the Citrix environment when transitioning from your current network environment.

Citrix Workspace

The Citrix Workspace app simplifies how you manage your networks, devices, apps, and users to deliver your end users a customized view of apps. In addition, Citrix Workspace is easy to install and allows users easy access to the files and programs they require.

A Citrix Workspace app enables users to securely access the applications and data they need from several mobile and desktop devices. The Citrix workspace allows you to access mobile apps, web applications, and software from various devices and operating systems, including android, iPhone, windows mobile, iPad, and MacOS. A Citrix workspace is a solution that offers several benefits.

As you increase the number of employees working remotely, you have a more unsecured network to monitor. The Citrix workspace allows employees to use a secure single sign-on, enabling them to get the information they need.

While security today is more vital than ever, it’s a significant challenge for many businesses. The ever-growing risk of becoming the victim of cybercriminals makes it critical to protect your network and data from security breaches. The Citrix workspace keeps your network secure while allowing employees to access your internal web apps without being on your business network.

More and more businesses are moving to the cloud, and the Citrix Workspace app provides the flexibility you need when transitioning to the cloud. The Citrix workspace lets you choose a hybrid, public, or private cloud model for your organization.


Software-defined WAN can enhance your bandwidth, security, and latency if your network is distributed in multiple branches or offices. Our team of SD-WAN experts has extensive experience in design, carrier management, deployment, and managed services.

Managed Network Services

A Citrix consulting service in Toronto can provide your business with monitoring of your network, data center, and Citrix infrastructure. Expert technicians ensure that your in-house employees don’t have to deal with troubleshooting, network management, or support. Some of the benefits of working with a Citrix consulting service in Toronto include the following:

Lower Costs

A managed network service can help you lower costs. For example, hiring an in-house IT staff is expensive, and even with the right people, you still need to invest in the necessary software and hardware for your IT environment to function. You save on software, hardware, and payroll costs with Citrix technology. In addition, your company benefits from fewer disruptions.

Enhanced Remote Integration

Many companies today are using remote workforces to reduce costs. However, with companies operating globally in different time zones, remote teams need a robust IT environment that supports them in their location. A managed service provides your remote teams with IT infrastructure that helps them remain productive.

Ease Staffing Problems

Hiring qualified and skilled IT personnel is difficult and costly today.  Citrix-managed network services relieve your IT staffing concerns. Additionally, losing a key member of your in-house IT staff often results in lost knowledge for your company, and you may have to backward engineer systems. With a managed network service, you never have to backward engineer systems.

Reduced Stress

IT solutions provide convenience and can enhance your business but can also cause headaches. So often, in-house IT departments can become overwhelmed by providing IT solutions, which can keep them from performing their daily tasks, resulting in the breakdown of your IT environment. This breakdown can lead to tension and stress throughout your organization. However, with a Citrix managed service, quick implementation and solutions ensure everything runs smoothly.

Expert Citrix Consulting Services in Toronto

At Tektonic, we are the experts in Citrix consulting services in Toronto. Our IT support and IT services team are ready to help your business use technology to the fullest and ensure that it works seamlessly.

Hiring an IT consulting firm experienced with the Citrix environment can significantly benefit your business. Contact us today to learn more about the support and services we provide businesses that run Citrix environments.

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