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Key Points:

  • Over twenty years ago, a phenomenon started and grew in Toronto.
  • Before it was called managed IT services, it went by this name.
  • Instead of boasting about our services, clients tell their stories better.
  • This one word describes the secret to IT support success for clients.
  • Are Toronto IT Services from Tektonic a better option for you?

Starting a Toronto IT services company over 20 years ago, we had one goal. Provide the best outsourced IT Services and help desk support for businesses and organizations in and around the greater Toronto area.

Unlike many outsourced IT companies, we discovered the need to serve highly regulated and technically demanding industries early on. Only some IT firms have the years of experience, qualifications, and training to step in and meet those technical challenges as Tektonic does.

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What Is An IT Services Company?

Your local IT services company offers expert advice and experience to build, maintain, update, and repair your computer system hardware and software. In the early years, it was known as IT-as-a-Service or ITaaS, but these days it’s called Managed IT Services.

Depending on the Toronto IT company’s business model, some offer “Break/Fix” services, while others prefer offering outsourced IT services. A managed IT services company like Tektonic supplies a broad range of skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Each Managed IT services company typically has clients sign contracts and invoices them monthly. Businesses and organizations hire an IT firm to lower overhead costs, increase revenues, reduce technical issues, and avoid employee downtime.

How Does Tektonic Prove They Are The Best?

It’s easy to say we provide the best Toronto IT Services. However, boasting doesn’t fool decision-makers. Instead, we let our clients tell their stories. The Executive Director at The Institute of Public Administration of Canada was asked about Tektonic. They said this:

“I would recommend them without hesitation. They are an incredibly reliable and customer-focused company. Whether in our head office in Toronto or halfway around the world on business, Tektonic is always there to assist with any problem we may have.”

“Tektonic is better than having our own personal IT department. Their response is immediate. They understand our needs and quickly resolve any issue. Tektonic keeps us connected and understands our employees with basic skills to the computer savvy.”

What Is The Secret To Tektonic’s IT Support Success?

At first, one might think it’s our quick response times, solving IT problems, or uncovering hidden network issues. Years ago, we would have agreed, but in all fairness, it comes down to being proactive. Unfortunately, many IT help desk support teams still provide reactive assistance.

When a Toronto IT services company switches from reactive services to proactive strategic planning, it changes its operation entirely. Instead of clients calling us with network issues, we reach out to them in advance due to potential threats looming.

A proactive IT support team shifts the technology burden away from the client to our cybersecurity experts. That Tektonic aggressive approach is why more businesses and organizations have seen a drop in disruptions and a rise in our client’s employee productivity.

Are Toronto IT Services From Tektonic A Better Option?

You’ll find many choices when searching for the perfect Toronto IT Services and IT Support for your business or organization. Some providers will sound extremely convincing, but something about their presentation will not match what you want.

However, finding the expert IT team that sits with you to know what you want and how your operation runs will take more work. They are the individuals that will dig deep into your system and locate the gaps that expose your organization to cyber threats.

Should you want that level of commitment extended to you? Then Tektonic will show you how its plans unfold and how your business goes beyond minor benefits to scaling your operation for expansion and continued growth. Contact us today or call (416) 256-9928 for assistance.

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