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The Importance of Data Backup for Your Business

Did you know that 40-60% of small businesses never reopen after data loss? That’s an intriguing stat if you come to think of it, considering that no business wishes to close its doors, especially if you’re still trying to get a breakthrough into the market.

Most data loss incidents occur due to human error, hardware failure, software corruption, power outages, network downtime, natural disasters, and more. While some of these burdens are usually preventable, others come unannounced, so you just have to prepare adequately for them. But how?

That’s where data backup solutions come into play; it even has an entire day dedicated to its commemoration, World Backup Day. Don’t get it wrong, though; backing up your data isn’t something to focus on once per year, but every day!

Anyway, this blog explains why having a smart data backup strategy can keep your business continuously operational no matter what. But first…

What is Data Backup?

In a word, data backup is the process of duplicating or archiving similar copies of critical information stored on your devices to allow effortless retrieval or restoration if a data loss incident occurs. Such pieces of essential business information you wouldn’t like to lose are usually stored in a separate, secure location, say in the cloud.

Cloud services and other relevant options guarantee safe remote data storage so that if your entire facility or security systems get compromised, you can still retrieve your data and carry on with operations. Aside from remote data backup solutions, there are new strategies like failover and failback systems that can automatically switch data’s destination when the original destination gets compromised. But that’s a topic for another day; today, let’s focus on the reasons for backing up your data.

Benefits of Backing Up Your Data

If you’re still skeptical about the need to back up your data constantly, you might change your mind after discovering the benefits it can bring to your business. These include:

Quick and Effortless Access to Data

One of the primary reasons you want to back up your data is to facilitate quick and effortless access any time, anywhere. For example, you may be away from the office but still want to use your critical files and information. No worries! As long as you have a cloud storage system, you can still access data from any device without bothering your assistant or colleagues to transfer the files to you.

Ease of Management

Developing, implementing a backup strategy, and restoring your data is as easy as it sounds. Having a uniform solution for the entire organization prevents other end-users from backing up their devices, which may result in irregularities and inconsistencies. And the reward? The administrator finds it effortless to lead a speedy and consistent data restoration process when a disaster occurs, minimizing business disruption.

Improved Productivity

Backing up your data improves productivity in two critical ways. For starters, there’s no more time wastage since the data restoration process in the event of a disaster is almost automatic; plus, it empowers your workforce to avoid unnecessary repetitions such as rewriting reports. Secondly, by archiving your critical files, you create a resourceful library where you can conduct comparative studies of past and present trends for more informed business decisions and planning.

Competitive Gain

It’s pretty shocking how many small businesses have no backup, no password policy, and are generally not worried about cybersecurity breaches. But that’s a dangerous line of thinking because cybercriminals have noted this trend, and are now targeting more small and mid-size businesses, thanks to their overflowing vulnerability. Further, no sane client can trust their data with a company that lacks a solid cybersecurity plan. So backing up data boosts client confidence, giving you a competitive advantage.

Protection Against Uncontrollable Events

As we hinted above, some events are beyond human control. These may include power outages, physical thefts, and natural occurrences like floods, hurricanes, windstorms, etc. Unfortunately, when these uncontrollable disasters occur, your business may lose all its critical files and documents within a few hours if you lack a backup plan. Thankfully, you can eliminate that risk by backing up your data regularly to ensure there’s a retrievable duplicate of the original content that you may lose to an unforetold disaster.

Stress-Free Compliance

Regulatory commissions and federal bodies like the Canada Revenue Agency, CRA won’t care that you lost your data to a disaster. They’ll still fine you if you can’t provide the relevant business accounting and financial records for tax or audit purposes. The good news is, you can avoid the risk of enduring a double loss (lost data and penalties) by simply backing up your essential records for effortless retrieval at the hour of most need.

Avoid Doing Work Twice

We all know the golden workspace rule, “get it right the first time.” However, this may not apply if you don’t have a backup plan. For instance, if your business suffers a systems’ failure leading to data loss, you may be forced to redo the entire work. You can imagine having to recreate spreadsheets you and your team have been working on for months or reconfiguring the systems from scratch. You don’t want to experience such inconveniences, do you? Well, regular data backup is the solution!

Tektonic Can Help!

Regular data backup is the peace of mind that you need to run your business effectively. It assures you that in the event of a system crash, cybercrime, or any other data-threatening disaster, there’s an archived copy of everything you need to ensure business continuity as if nothing happened. And the reward? Your business will easily edge over competitors, you can never lose clients/ investors, and there’s no chance of closing down. What else could you possibly ask for?

Here at Tektonic managed services, we understand that you have more business-worthy responsibilities occupying your schedule. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to helping your Toronto business with all its IT and cybersecurity needs, including but not limited to regular data backups and disaster recovery. We have all the necessary resources, experience, and expertise to protect your business against advanced cybercrime and preserve your company data for quick and effortless retrieval if an uncertain disaster occurs.

So get in touch now, and let us help you realize business continuity while preserving data integrity.

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