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Celebrate Earth Day This April 22nd!

    This year, what will you do to celebrate Earth Day? The 49th Annual Earth Day is nearly upon us. As always, it’s April 22nd and the perfect day to celebrate this beautiful blue planet we

Managed Services Costs in Toronto

How Much Does Managed IT Service Cost Compared To Break/Fix In Toronto?

Remember when your parents told you that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Well… they were right – at least when this comes to IT service. If you ask most IT professionals, t

Should We Go With A Private Cloud Or Public Cloud?

Business objectives should help determine how technology will be used. The growth planning helps as technology experts determine the plans for support services. Several companies of many sizes are co

Tech Education: What Is Microsoft Office 365?

  The ability to work anywhere used to be limited to freelancers and writers, but today’s professionals need the flexibility to be productive regardless of their physical location. Microsoft Offic