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Tektonic Recognized For Delivering Expert IT Services To Toronto Companies

Tektonic has been named to CRN’s Tech Elite 250 list in recognition of our commitment to delivering high-quality services backed by certified expertise.

The Tektonic team is proud to share that CRN has named us to the prestigious 2022 Tech Elite 250 list!

CRN’s Tech Elite 250 list recognizes innovative solution providers across the U.S. and Canada that have earned top-level technical certifications from leading technology suppliers. The companies featured on the list have demonstrated their ability to stay on the cutting edge of IT innovation through proactive, hands-on training, making them uniquely suited to provide exceptional business value to customers.

As proud as we are of having made this list, you may be wondering what it should mean to you.

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Do IT Certifications Count For Anything?

There are a lot of certifications out there: A+ Certified Technician, Dell Certified Hardware Technician, HP Certified Technician, CompTIA A+, Net+, and Sec+, Cisco CCNA, Microsoft MCSA, and so on.

Do these actually make a difference in the quality of service?

Short answer? Yes, they can make a difference.

The fact is that the skill gap in the IT industry is severe, and getting worse. Looking at cybersecurity as an example, polling performed on behalf of Tripwire found troubling evidence of the lack of certified, expert IT personnel:

  • 93% of polled IT security professionals say the skills required to be a great security professional have changed over the past few years, which is making it harder to find properly skilled cybersecurity professionals.
  • 85% report their security teams are already understaffed, and only 1% believe they can manage all of their organization’s cybersecurity needs when facing a shortage of skilled workers.
  • 96% say they are either currently facing difficulty in staffing security teams due to the skills gap or can see it coming.

That’s a key reason why structured, verified training as a part of industry-standard certifications can make such a difference. When compared to whatever amount of training an incoming technician may receive when they join a Toronto IT services company, certifications can help form a foundation to the knowledge and skill set.

Why Does Your Organization Need IT Expertise?

Given the wealth of knowledge available online, and how user-friendly technology is getting these days, you may be skeptical that expertise and experience are even necessary to support your IT.

Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case.

Sure, with enough research and time available to you, you might be able to find a solution to your IT problem every now and then. But, even if that’s the case, time is a resource you don’t always have—that’s why you should invest in the expertise you need to offload the work altogether.

Tektonic Has The Certified Expertise Toronto Businesses Need

As proven by our inclusion on the CRN Tech Elite 250 list, our team has the expertise and experience you need to totally offload your IT concerns. We’ll manage your IT environment, keeping everything up to date, secure, and optimized.

Get in touch to discover what our certified support will do for you.

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