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How Hard Is It To Switch IT Companies In Toronto?

If you are in need of a new IT company, it should not be that difficult to switch from a company you are currently using. With so much of the country reopening now after COVID-19, now is as good a time as any to make sure your IT company is working as you need it to. The pandemic affected just about every industry across the globe, and IT companies are no different. If you just were not satisfied with your IT company during the pandemic, now is a great time to consider making a switch to a new company.

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Why Switch IT Companies?

Many people and businesses found that their current IT company struggled to keep up with their needs during the pandemic. If you are not completely satisfied with your IT company, it’s worth investigating making a switch. Since your IT company has administrative access to everything on your entire network, it’s important that you are using a company you are comfortable with.

There are a lot of reasons you might be unsatisfied. Perhaps your network moves too slowly because of the programs the IT company runs in the background. Or, maybe you find yourself still exposed to vulnerabilities and need an IT company that is more efficient and better protects your data. It could be that you find the IT company keeps increasing its rates, but yet isn’t offering you anything extra for your money.

There really aren’t any right or wrong reasons to make a switch. Sometimes it’s just good to check in and make sure you are paying the right prices and getting quality service in return. Like insurance, it’s not bad to shop around every couple years to see if a competitor can beat out the one you are currently using.

How to Make a Switch

There are a few steps to take when you are thinking about switching IT companies. While it is a massive project, if you approach it strategically you will be able to make a seamless transition. Make sure you check all these steps when you switch your IT companies:

  1. Don’t cancel your current agreements with your IT company until after you have gone through the process of choosing a new company. You don’t want to leave your infrastructure exposed while you are making the switch.
  2. Make sure you have administrative access to your entire network, including passwords and access to firewalls. If you don’t have admin rights, you might be in a bind after you cancel your IT company. Get all your access in order before taking steps to switch companies.
  3. Have your new IT company conduct an extensive security review, so no backdoors exist, which could make your company vulnerable. This extensive security review should be done first by your new IT company. Only after the new company is in place can you give notice to cancel your old IT company. You want the new team up and running efficiently before you risk canceling the old one.
  4. Communicate the change with your entire staff, ensuring new protocols are in place and shared with your whole team. It’s important that your whole team is on board so there is no confusion about IT protocol.

What to Look for in a New IT Company

You want a company that is cost effective while also securing your infrastructure. While cost should not be the primary factor, you can consider it if everything else is equal between two companies. But, you want a company you can trust, as they will have the power to protect your computer networks, which is the core of most businesses.

Look at the past history of an IT company. What is their portfolio like? Do they work with other businesses like yours? While there’s nothing wrong with going with a newer company, you might want to lean on the experience of an IT company that has been around the block a time or two. A good IT company should have a proven track record so they can expertly handle any problem thrown their way. Do your research before selecting the right fit for your needs.

How hard is it to actually make the switch?

It really isn’t that hard, but you need to have patience and plan ahead as it can be a detailed process. You just need to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to make the switch. Most importantly, don’t rush to cancel services with your old IT company before you are ready. Your new IT company needs to be fully functional and up and running before you cancel your old services.

If you do not have admin rights, it will be a little harder. However, even if your IT company does all your admin work, you should certainly already have access. You want to make sure everything is backed up and secure before you start making a switch to a new company.

Remember that IT companies generally have access to everything on the network, so they can access all your data. You want to be sure you pick a company you can trust, as it’s an important relationship to build for the security of your company. The important takeaways are to make sure everything is working with your new IT company before you cancel your old one. You don’t want to have any gaps in coverage.

What’s Next? Switching IT Companies In Toronto

Reach out and contact us; give us a call today and we can talk you through the process of switching IT companies. It might seem overwhelming, but we will show you all the details you know about making sure your infrastructure is protected while you go through a change in IT companies. It can be a daunting task, but our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way when you make a change in IT companies. We will provide a free consultation and help you understand what you might want out of your next IT company.

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