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Why Proactive IT Support Is Better Than Reactive IT Support

Do you know what you stand to gain by upgrading to a proactive, managed IT support plan?

Is your IT support proactive or reactive?

While reactive IT support can be suitable for some businesses’ IT needs, it’s not the ideal model for IT services. You can gain many benefits by switching to a proactive support model.

Proactive IT Support Vs. Reactive Support

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By The Hour? Or Every Month?

One of the key differentiators to consider when choosing an IT service plan is whether it’s hourly support or a flat-rate monthly contract.

The former often appears more cost-effective than the latter—depending on the month, you may only need a few hours of support, right? As compelling as this line of thinking may be, it’s not founded in reality.

Just consider how monthly managed services have grown in popularity over the past decade compared to conventional hourly support.

What Is Reactive IT Support?

Call it whatever you like, but it’s essentially “hourly IT support.” This is the traditional style of outsourced IT services, which works by fixing your computers once they’re broken.

In a nutshell, when something goes wrong—data loss, hardware failure, virus, etc.—you then get in touch with your support provider and have them fix it. This strategy no longer works for firms today. If you still use this method of IT service, you risk downtime that can slow you down.

While we currently offer hourly IT support to some clients, it’s simply not the best way to approach IT management. With no one proactively managing their IT systems, they’re left vulnerable, unoptimized, and prone to failure.

That’s why we recommend that all our clients use proactive, fully managed IT services instead…

What Is Proactive IT Support?

On the other hand, services arranged via a monthly contract are also known as “Managed Services.

This is the modern model for IT support, offering a range of vital solutions to your firm for one monthly rate. With fully managed support, you know that you are supported and protected 24/7.

From active monitoring and patch management to responsive on-site and Help Desk support services, fully managed support takes care of everything you need.

With proactive IT support services, the burden of technology is removed from your shoulders. That means you don’t have to worry if an issue will pop up and derail your productivity.

With us as your IT team, you benefit from knowing that challenges are not only acknowledged and resolved quickly but are also proactively accounted for to minimize potential disruption.

With IT playing a major role in how you operate, taking a gamble on support is a major risk. With a reactive approach, it may be too late when you reach out for assistance with an issue.

Downtime stops operations dead, which is exactly what a proactive service model is designed to alleviate. Proactive support ensures issues are resolved quickly and with care to minimize disruptions.

That’s why managed IT services are more popular than ever. The global managed services market is expected to double over the course of 2017-2023, from USD 155.91 billion to USD 296.38.

Top Advantages of Managed Services

  • You can focus on running your business and not on IT worries. Our team will minimize or eliminate downtime that could affect your bottom line.
  • You’ll benefit from a flat-rate payment model, allowing you to budget your tech more effectively.
  • You’ll be able to plan for growth far more easily and with greater peace of mind.
  • Managed support is more cost-effective than break/fix solutions, especially when considering reduced downtime.

Why Are So Many Businesses Using Managed IT Services?

The fact is that, no matter how satisfied you are with our hourly service model, your experience will only improve when you upgrade to a managed model.

Instead of calling us when something breaks, you can rest assured knowing the Tektonic team is taking proactive care of your technology.

This means we’re monitoring around the clock for issues, keeping technology up-to-date with the latest patches, and keeping endpoints secure against hackers.

The way Tektonic approaches the monitoring, management, and maintenance of your environment is proactive by nature, which minimizes the risk of downtime and/or constant technology issues occurring.

Are Managed IT Services Right For You?

Finding the right model for your IT support is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. You must find the best arrangement that fits your budget.

Don’t just upgrade to managed services because it’s the most popular service model right now; instead, consider what you have to gain, and understand how it serves to benefit your business.

If you have questions about managed services models and the options we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We can show you how these plans work and what they will do for your business.

Get The IT Support Model That’s Perfect For Your Business

We believe that your technology should be a source of profit rather than a source of headaches. Our experienced team has over a decade of IT experience and is ready to help you succeed.

No matter which of our plans works best for your company, we are committed to delivering the support you need to keep your company productive, efficient, and secure.

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