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Managed Detection & Response Services In Toronto

Managed Detection and Response is a cybersecurity service that combines technology with human experience to detect, monitor, and respond to cyber threats. Managed Detection and Response can help your organization rapidly identify threats and limit their impact without the need for additional staffing.

Every business in Toronto needs a robust Managed Detection and Response Cybersecurity solution. While many companies assume they can’t afford it, the overall preventative costs are far cheaper than the cost of a cybersecurity breach.

Managed Detection & Response

How Managed Detection and Response Works

Managed detection and response, or MDR, is an outsourced service that provides your organization with threat detecting services and responds to threats when they are discovered. It also involves human expertise. Security providers provide MDR customers with access to their pool of security researchers and engineers responsible for monitoring networks, analyzing incidents, and responding to security cases.

MDR monitors, detects, and responds to threats within your organization remotely. When the system detects a possible threat, relevant intelligence, forensic data, and advanced analytics are forwarded to human analysts, who analyze the data and determine the urgency of alerts and the appropriate response to reduce the impact and risk of incidents. Finally, with a combination of human experience and technological capabilities, the threat is removed, and the affected systems are restored to their pre-infected state.

Why Managed Detection and Response?

Typically, security solutions focus on what is known as “left of boom” incidents or the moment before a successful security breach. However, MDR is different in that it also addresses the impact “right of the boom” after the breach occurs, quickly and effectively limiting the breach’s impact. In other words, MDR actively hunts for threats and possible breaches and, if and when one is found, quickly reacts to eliminate the threat and minimize damage.

MDR Capabilities

The primary capabilities of an MDR are:


MDR helps your organization sift through the massive volume of alerts and notifications received on a daily basis and prioritizes them to determine which poses the greatest threat and should be addressed first. Sometimes referred to as managed EDR, managed prioritization utilizes technology to apply automated rules and human analysis to determine which events are false positives and which are genuine threats. The result is a system that provides you with a stream of high-quality alerts enriched with additional context.

Threat Hunting

Every cyber threat involves a human being working to avoid being detected by their target’s security measures. While computers and technology have made significant advances, the human mind adds an element nearly impossible for an automated detection system to predict. Human cyber threat hunters’ extensive skills, experience, and expertise can identify and alert on the most evasive and stealthiest menaces and catch the threats that layers of automated defenses often miss.


Managed investigation services can help your organization understand the scope of a threat faster by enriching security alerts with additional context. Context gives your team a better understanding of what happened and when, who was affected, and the extent of the breach. This knowledge and increased insight enable your organization to prepare and plan an effective response.

Guided Response

A guided response provides you with actionable advice concerning the best method of containing and remediating a specific threat. For example, a guided response from MDR can provide fundamental advice, such as when to isolate a system from a network. It may also include sophisticated guidance concerning how to eliminate a threat or recover from an attack on a step-by-step basis.


Recovery is the final step in any security incident. Managed remediation includes malware removal, cleaning the registry, ejecting intruders, and removing any persistent mechanisms. Remediation ensures that further compromise is prevented and that the network is returned to a known good state, with your system returned to its pre-attack condition.

What are the benefits of MDR?

Toronto organizations that use an MDR solution can immediately reduce the time it takes to detect a threat. According to data collected by IBM, the typical time to catch a breach is 280 days and another 80 days for containment of the violation. An MDR solution can typically detect a threat within minutes, improving your response time and dramatically reducing the impact of an incident.

However, reducing detection time from months to mere minutes and improving your response time are not the only benefits of an MDR solution. An MDR solution can also:

  • Improve your security posture and help your organization respond to potential attacks by optimizing security configuration and eliminating rogue systems.
  • Identify and stop sophisticated, hidden threats by continuously managing threat hunting.
  • Respond to threats quicker and more effectively and restore endpoints to a known good status with a guided response and managed remediation.
  • Redirect staff and resources from reactive and repetitive incident response work toward more strategic projects.

Work With an MDR Vendor as a Mutual Partner

While your MDR vendor provides many services for you, your organization will benefit most by choosing a provider that will work closely as a partner with your team. In addition, being clear about objectives, departmental goals, outcomes and ensuring the service is compatible with your existing frameworks is critical to finding an MDR solution that serves you best and fits your needs.

Communication between your team and the provider of your MDR solution is vital as you put in place the systems and processes needed for the vendor to work with your team in your environment. This includes having a process in place to take action on recommendations from your vendor concerning discovered vulnerabilities or accidental exposures.

At Tektonic, we are the leading provider of IT services and support in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of experts can ensure that cyber security issues in your organization are handled quickly and effectively, often before you are even aware they have occurred. In addition, we work with you to help determine the services you need to keep your system and data security.

While many organizations assume that they can’t afford the type of robust Managed Detection and Response Cybersecurity solution they need, the cost of preventative action is far less than the potential damage caused by a cybersecurity breach. Contact us today to learn how our team can provide your organization with an affordable and robust Managed Detection and Response solution.

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