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Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril: Add Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Don’t put your Toronto business in peril. Tektonic offers managed backup and recovery services for Toronto businesses and organizations.

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril: Add Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Business owners around the world are struggling to stay afloat under the crushing burdens associated with the current economy. Customers are continually looking for the best deal, making customer experience a vital component of your business strategy.

Are you risking all the goodwill you’ve built with your customers — just because you don’t have a robust business continuity strategy in place?

Without backup and disaster recovery strategies in place, it only takes a moment to lose all of your business data.

Think about it.

  • Customer contact information — Gone, or compromised by hackers.
  • Access to your business applications — Gone.
  • Sales files and accounting information — Gone.
  • Ability to respond to customer requests — Gone.

In less than a day, you could conceivably lose control of your entire operation, simply because of a natural disaster or cybersecurity event.

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril

Digital Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business

If you have a “digital clone” of your business operations, you’re able to quickly and efficiently restore operations to previous levels. Instead of being unable to access customer files for weeks while information is being rebuilt from scattered backups, you could be back online in a matter of days — or even hours.

When you have a proactive backup and disaster recovery strategy in place, your IT managed services providers are able to leap into action and help you get back online efficiently. This helps reduce stress on internal team members, protects against negative experiences for your customers and protects the long-term value of your organization.

39% of Business Do Not Have a Disaster Recovery Strategy in Place

In the event of a cyberattack or other devastating event, are your digital assets fully protected? According to a recent Comparitech survey, only about two-thirds of businesses are fully prepared to bring their business back online after a disaster. With the astronomic rise of malware and ransomware, it is difficult to justify the lack of a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Protect Your Organization with Business Continuity Services from Tektonic

Upfront planning with the backup and disaster recovery experts from Tektonic may make help your small to mid-size retail organization come back online quickly after an event. It only takes a few moments to contact us at 416-256-9928 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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