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Tektonic Is Revolutionizing Client Documentation With IT Glue

IT Glue is the latest tool added to Tektonic’s arsenal of IT solutions. With this industry-leading solution, we’ll further optimize your IT documentation’s organization, security, and management.

The Tektonic team is excited to announce that we have incorporated IT Glue into our suite of managed IT solutions.

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What Is IT Glue?

IT Glue is a robust document management solution used by hundreds of thousands of professionals across the country. This service will help to manage otherwise potentially error-prone and time-consuming documentation processes.

Its many features help users store, secure, access, update and manage documents to minimize the time spent looking for company information. IT Glue will streamline support and record-keeping processes to benefit our many clients as part of our processes.

What We Will Do With IT Glue

  • Provide detailed documentation of every aspect of your business environment
  • Store and connect all of your passwords, applications, and devices
  • Access a massive library of templates and best-practice processes
  • Monitor and store any and all passwords, domains, and SSL automatically
  • Keep track of who is accessing and changing stored information, and provide you with a version history that can be used to retrieve all of your data, if needed

What Does IT Glue Mean For Tektonic Clients?

Structured Documentation

Many conventional ways businesses manage their documentation fall under “flat” documentation. With simple storage in solutions like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Docs, a user encounters a range of downsides:

  • No consistency or standardization
  • No relationship is set between different files
  • Difficult to search quickly and effectively

IT Glue, on the other hand, provides a structure to our client’s documentation. Its many features allow us to organize better, access, search, and make use of the documents we need:

  • Highly standardized and consistent organization
  • Strong relationships can be established between documents
  • Utilize a more efficient document search engine

Comprehensive Security

There’s a lot to consider regarding the security of client documents. Both in terms of who can access certain documents and the state of a given document itself.

IT Glue offers a range of key security features, including:

  • Fully-reviewable revision history and audit trails for each document
  • SOC 2 compliant capabilities
  • Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities
  • Robust permission configuration

Efficient Self-Service Capabilities

IT Glue’s search capabilities, organization options, workflows, and other features will limit the time our staff members spend looking for documents, drastically boosting our efficiency and the speed at which we can serve you.

We Are Evolving Your Document Management Capabilities

The Tektonic team is always looking for new ways to improve how we serve clients like you. With IT Glue, our support processes and detailed documentation practices will only further improve, boosting the quality of service we provide.

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