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Cyber Warfare Protection Services In Toronto

There has been a significant increase in cyberattacks on all types of organizations around the globe. A concerning development is increased cyberattacks mounted by nation-states and their associated groups. Cyberattacks have increased on all organizations, but it is becoming more common for criminal groups to use cyber warfare techniques against commercial organizations.

Cyber warfare and cyberattacks have become a growing concern for organizations around the globe. Research shows that in 2021, cyberattack attempts rose by about 50 percent over the previous year. Additionally, attacks against small to medium-sized organizations are becoming more frequent, targeted, and complex. According to one study, in 2021, about 43% of cyber attacks were aimed at small businesses, while only 14% of those businesses were prepared to defend themselves.

Cyberwarfare protection services In Toronto

The Need for Constant Vigilance

The sharp rise in cybercrimes involves many factors. The Covid-19 pandemic forced many organizations to change the way they conduct business. Remote work and an increase in e-commerce drastically expanded the opportunities for hackers. In addition, people are spending more time than ever online, going through sensitive work emails, participating in virtual meetings, and buying everything from food to birthday presents. Most businesses rely on technology, and without the proper cybersecurity measures in place, critical business assets are vulnerable to online access from hackers.

At Tektonic, we are committed to helping protect Toronto businesses from brutal attacks resulting from cyber warfare. We continuously discuss cybersecurity needs with our clients and provide their employees with both formal and informal training sessions. Open communication is vital to addressing our client’s needs, and listening to their concerns enables our team to assist while strengthening our relationship.

With many of today’s battles taking place in the virtual world against an unseen enemy, constant vigilance and open communication are vital to protecting your organization. Cyberwarfare has real-world consequences with the potential to impact the country’s infrastructure, financial, and communications systems.

What Are the Risks and Current Cyber Warfare Threats?

The main objective of cyber warfare is to cause widespread chaos. The best way to cripple an opposing force’s capability is to wage a cyberattack across as many systems as possible. Accordingly, the US Department of Homeland Security is urging businesses and organizations of all sizes to expect and prepare for an increase of cyberattacks in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

February White House security briefing that included national law enforcement and cybersecurity experts addressed the threat of increased cyberattacks by Russian-affiliated operations. Officials at the briefing emphasized that disruptive cyber operations would not necessarily be limited to obvious targets, such as infrastructure and government operations. Instead, officials warned that cyber warfare associated with Russia and other nation-states would likely include cyber attacks against small and medium-sized organizations in an attempt to disrupt the economy.

It’s important to remember that Russian cybercriminals have been responsible for several security breaches in recent years. For instance, in 2020, hackers breached security measures at SolarWinds, a major software company based in Oklahoma. This attack exposed the data of thousands of SolarWinds customers and partners. The security breach also enabled the criminals to access data from local, state, and federal agencies, including Homeland Security.

In 2001, cybercriminals hacked into the Colonial Pipeline, forcing it to go offline for several days and disrupting fuel supplies across the East Coast. Weeks later, the world’s largest meat supplier, JBS Foods, paid hackers an $11 million ransom to prevent further damage to their systems following back-to-back attacks by Russian hackers. In October, the Toronto Transit Commission announced that a ransomware attack on its systems resulted in the compromised personal data of thousands of employees. In addition, the attack resulted in servers being encrypted and locked, disrupting many services.

Steps to Protect Your Organization From Cybercrimes

It’s critical for organizations to protect themselves against cybercrimes and ensure that they can quickly recover if attacked. There are several steps your organization should take to ensure that you are doing everything possible to prepare and recover from an attack.

  1. Secure your hardware and make sure you use the latest security patches and complicated passwords.
  2. Encrypt and Backup data to ensure physical access to sensitive data is prevented and is useless if stolen.
  3. Perform a network security scan periodically to see what devices are attached and where there may be holes in your security.
  4. Train your employees to maintain a heightened level of awareness of cyber threats.
  5. Invest in cyber insurance in the event that your security measures fail.

How Tektonic Is Helping to Protect Toronto Businesses From Brutal Attacks Resulting From Cyber Warfare

With the heightened level of concern over security and hacking, we have increased our internal defenses and the frequency of our internal security reviews. In addition, we are advising all of our clients to be more watchful of any targeted phishing attempts or anomalous behavior in their network. Our team is also advising clients to ensure that all critical data is backed up, especially if it’s on any of the major cloud providers.

While many clients seem unconcerned, a large number have reached out, voicing concerns about the potential risks of cyber warfare and how it may impact their organization. In addition, quite a few clients have asked what additional steps, if any, they should be taking to protect themselves. In response, we have increased our toolbox with additional security options, and many clients have opted for managed detection and response services.

We consistently share emerging trends and security breach articles with our entire team at regular cyber security meetings so they are aware of the latest trends. In addition, we ensure that our staff is aware of various types of risks associated with the event. This constant communication ensures that our entire team is on the same page, so they are more watchful and can help our clients understand the risk better.

Cyber Warfare Protection Services In Toronto

At Tektonic, we approach every organization’s security needs on a case-by-case basis. Our mission is to help protect Toronto businesses from the brutal attacks resulting from cyber warfare by ensuring all their security devices and software are up to date.

We have upgraded our defense solutions to counter the impact of cyber warfare and increased the frequency and intensity of our continuing education for our staff and your employees to ensure they understand the risks in this environment. Contact us today to learn more about how our security experts can protect your organization from the effects of cyber warfare.

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