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Tektonic Achieves Significant Ranking On Global Information Technology Stage

Marking an incredible stride in the IT landscape, Tektonic Managed Services has ascended to an impressive ranking of #58 on the prestigious Channel Futures NextGen 101 list for 2023. This celebrated triumph highlights Tektonic’s global prowess and ensures businesses across Toronto are serviced by a top-tier, professionally-trained, and proven IT organization.

Channel Futures NextGen 101, an offshoot of the revered MSP 501 list, is a definitive ranking of the IT industry’s most inventive and forward-thinking companies. This collection of enterprises continually demonstrates innovative ideas, effective business practices, and cutting-edge technologies that have contributed to their success in the past year.

This impressive list of honorees was meticulously curated from many submissions for the MSP 501, the world’s most comprehensive survey and ranking of managed service providers. The NextGen 101, much like its parent list, the MSP 501, goes beyond being a mere catalog of companies, delving into key data about the current state of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) market.

Channel Futures NextGen 101 List

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The Beyond-Ranking Insight of Channel Futures NextGen 101 and MSP 501

The Channel Futures NextGen 101 and the MSP 501 analyze extensive market data to shed light on the trends, sales, marketing strategies, and operational improvements propelling growth. This focus will continue to intensify in the coming weeks and months, providing IT industry professionals with a more profound understanding of the landscape they navigate.

The owner of Orion Network Solutions and peer group partner with Tektonic, Ashu Bhoot, who secured an admirable second place in the NextGen 101 rankings, emphasized the importance of these listings in uniting the industry. Bhoot remarked, “This is something to celebrate, not just for us but all MSPs. They do great work while facing so many challenges in our industry. The NextGen 101 and MSP 501 are great ways to unite the industry.”

The Evolutionary Journey of Channel Futures MSP 501 and NextGen 101

The Channel Futures MSP 501 and NextGen 101 surveys have evolved over the years, transitioning from a simple ranking system to a comprehensive data source for the MSP market. By utilizing key data from 2022, these surveys delve into the solutions, sales, marketing strategies, operational improvements, and customer trends currently driving the industry’s growth. Channel Futures intends to continue mining this invaluable data, delivering deeper insights to the IT industry and facilitating a clearer understanding of the channel’s current and future state.

Tektonic Managed Services‘ remarkable achievement is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and superior service delivery. Tektonic’s stellar ranking cements its position in Toronto’s IT sector and on the global stage, making them an IT organization to watch out for in the future.


In the fast-paced world of IT, companies like Tektonic Managed Services are paving the way, embodying the spirit of innovation, and setting new standards in the industry. Being recognized on a prestigious list such as the Channel Futures NextGen 101 is a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to their clients. As the IT landscape continues to evolve, one thing is clear: Tektonic Managed Services is not just part of the journey but also helping to shape it.

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