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Automated Monitoring Provides Advanced Security For Toronto Business

We are always looking for new ways to improve our quality of service. Our latest innovation is harnessing Liongard’s automation capabilities to further optimize our monitoring and security processes.

Effective cybersecurity is an ongoing process.

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving range of cybercriminal tools and methodologies at play in the business world, organizations need to continually adopt new defensive measures, maintain awareness, and more.

That doesn’t just apply to end-users — self-described “cybersecurity experts” need to put in the work as well. That’s why the Tektonic team is continually on the hunt for new solutions and practices that will further benefit our clients and keep them secure.

Our latest step in that process is harnessing a new automated monitoring solution: Liongard.

Advanced Security For Toronto Business

Do You Know The Power Of Automation?

Automation is a rapidly growing application of technology in the business world. Automation with machine learning plays an enormous role in optimizing workflows and predicting problems before they occur. With workflows based in the cloud, you can automate or semi-automate many processes:

  • Use analytics to predict problems before they arise
  • Automate and monitor work and maintenance schedules
  • Track potential and confirmed security incidents in real-time

Tektonic Auotmates Security Monitoring With Liongard

Liongard augments our capabilities with superior unified visibility into our clients’ entire IT environments. We keep an eye on endpoints, cloud services, firewalls, networks, and more in order to proactively secure and protect your critical systems and data.

Using Lionguard’s automated capabilities, we manage the following for our clients:

System Security

  • Keep an eye on critical systems to keep them up and running, allowing you to focus on your business
  • Monitor your security solutions, including firewall and antivirus, to make sure they’re actively mitigating threats
  • Detect and prevent vulnerabilities that could lead to a security breach or public data leak

Issue Resolution

  • Track and discover systems (including hidden ones you may not have known about)
  • Resolve issues faster by rewinding time to see system history and changes
  • Monitor permissions to ensure compliance with security best practices such as Role-based Permissions and Least Privilege

Efficient Operations

  • Track licenses across systems or environments to avoid paying for unused or duplicate accounts
  • Address alerts before certificates and domains expire to reduce outages and downtime
  • Identify when required password policies and authentication methods such as multi-factor authentication are not being followed

Tektonic Is Committed To Offering Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Capabilities

Liongard’s automation ensures that documentation is always up-to-date, accurate and provides the data we need to take action. This allows us to secure systems, avoid costly errors, and quickly troubleshoot when issues come up.

Get in touch with our team to discover more about Liongard and what it means for your company’s security.

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