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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 7,2013

Is your Downloads folder a complete mess of every imaginable file type thanks to years of Internet browsing? Unless you’re OCD enough to manually organize every new file right after downloading it, then your Downloads folder is likely a scary place. DropIt is a free utility that will automatically take care of your messy Downloads folder.Like your junk drawer at home, your Downloads folder is a special mess because everything in it was intentionally downloaded for a useful reason, which means that fixing everything with Select All > Delete is out of the question. The valuable contents of your Downloads folder will require time to manually organize it, a luxury that few of us have. This need for automatic file organization is exactly why DropIt, an open-source utility, was developed.

DropIt will automatically organize your files in your Downloads folder, or any folder, using parameters that you define. DropIt is kind of like a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner for your PC folders, just set it up and it will automatically take care of everything for you.

Once your organizational parameters have been determined, DropIt will then create subfolders in whatever folder you want organized, and then move your files into the corresponding subfolders. For example, DropIt will move all the images into one folder, music files into another, and more. You can even get more specific and instruct DropIt to automatically delete useless files like TMP files, and have subfolders for more specific file types such as, .png, .bmp, .jpg, and so forth.

DropIt is not just a one-time fix, instead, DropIt will continue to organize all the incoming files that hit your Downloads folder and place them in the appropriate subfolders. DropIt can be attached to any desired folder. My Documents is another messy folder that is a good candidate for DropIt. You can even use DropIt on your Desktop by dragging and dropping (thus the name) your files into DropIt to automatically have the files directed to where they’re supposed to go.

A free solution that automatically organizes your digital messes, DropIt is a handy tool that will help anybody whose computer folders are a mess. We are still waiting for the next version of DropIt to include a house cleaning feature. Let us know in the comments if you know of any downloadable solutions that will fold your laundry and do the dishes

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