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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 14,2014

If you are an executive working with a global firm, you will be well-versed with all the challenges you have to deal with on a regular basis. In addition to this, you have to make presentations and reports for sales pitches or make changes to certain business plans for your next client meeting. And in many cases even the most outstanding executives face a problem with time management. Along with the usual workload that they have to complete, finding the time to edit reports or other documents in between all this is next to impossible.

However, what if you had a way in which you could handle this entire editing of documents work on the way to workplace? Every individual spends at least 30 minutes or one hour travelling to their place of work every day. Imagine if you could somehow use this time to get some pending office work done? Your reports would be ready and on your boss’s desk as soon as you soon as you reach your office. Well, now you can do this by using the latest cloud software released by Microsoft called the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.

This particular software provided by Microsoft, gives you the facility to access your Microsoft Office files from anywhere on your laptop, iOS device, Android phone or any other portable device that has an internet connection. And when you pay to use the Microsoft Office 365 Suite you will get access to the entire range of software’s created by Microsoft at no extra charge. You will have access to all the latest Microsoft Office programs of Excel, PowerPoint, Access, One Note etc. so that you can complete any official work that you may get.

So now you will not ideal away your time while travelling on the bus or subway to your workplace, but can get some work done instead. And if your cab driver has accidentally taken the route with heaviest traffic, instead of waiting for hours and getting frustrated, you can spend that time constructively by just opening up your laptop and commence working there itself. With this helpful office tool provided by Microsoft, you will never be late for any work report submissions ever again. You won’t have to rely on your office computer to access you files all the time, as they will be always available to you on the cloud.

Microsoft has ensured that their servers are secure and even allow you to adjust the security setting so that only the members of your team can access your company’s official documents. And since the SharePoint servers of Microsoft are always online 24/7, you can open up and edit documents even after work hours if required. This Microsoft Office package is available from any reputed software service provider and is very easy to understand and use once installed.

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