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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 8,2014

Cloud technology is now being applied in mostly all industries. Companies are now utilizing cloud IT solutions in all of their business processes. Whether it is to store information or send emails, this technology is being used for virtually all business tasks. And there are many reasons for growth of the usage of cloud technology in industries nowadays. Company owners have realized that there is a cheaper alternative to spending their capital resources on purchasing additional hardware to store their business related data and other documents. What’s more, if there are any additional servers required to be used by the business, cloud technology has a solution for that as well.

Adopting cloud computing to a business is a very simple and cost-effective process. Any company which specializes in providing managed IT services will have cloud computing solutions as a part of those services. Thus, a company can now get rid of its outdated hardware and switch to the cloud to carry out the daily business functions. The problem with physical hardware is that it needs servicing and maintenance at regular intervals. Thus, a business firm has to keep a separate team of IT technicians to manage this complicated hardware network. More the amount of hardware being, then more will be the maintenance requirement. Since businesses are constantly searching for economical solutions that will deliver the maximum outputs at minimum cost, cloud computing becomes an attractive option.

Moreover, by using cloud computing solutions, companies now gain access to their business documents easily online. Through the hosted exchange services available through cloud computing, a business can now save documents on a secure server on the cloud. What’s more, these documents can be easily accessible to any employee who is working for the business. With the configuration settings available in the hosted server, the business ensures that only those people who are actually part of the organization are allowed access to the information.

Cloud systems even give you a backup for all that important information that is critical to your business. In this case, the cloud acts as a portable hard disk drive where you keep a duplicate copy of all your files. The files that are stored on hard disks are vulnerable to corruption by malware or spyware that sometimes enters a PC through the internet. They might even get erased completely in case of any hard disk damage or systems crash. Having faced these problems before, businesses are now using to the cloud as a secure location where they can store their important data. And since these hosted exchange servers are monitored 24/7, they are safe from cyber-attacks caused by hackers or online viruses.

In today’s times, there are tons of IT services providing companies who will set up and manage the entire cloud computing network on the behalf of a business. So now, businesses can keep their maintenance costs low and focus on business-related tasks with complete peace of mind, knowing that their valuable information is in safe hands.

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