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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 20,2018

The Phone Rings…Tektonic Jumps Into Action

Tektonic recently received a call from a local generator company in Woodbridge, ON looking for an IT company to help manage and support their IT infrastructure and computer network.  How can Tektonic help local machinery, generator and other manufacturing type businesses?

How Tektonic Helps Local Companies Searching For Reliable Business IT Services?

Every small generator business needs tech support these days — unless you’re somehow doing your own. If you are, then may we suggest you stop, and focus on your business instead? Woodbridge Ontario IT support is required for a local generator business to function well. A smart business is a safe business, and a safe business has technical support every step of the way as they navigate the muddy waters of the Internet and internal networks. Tektonic is the number one IT services provider for generator companies in Toronto, and we’re ready to help you whenever you need it (and we’re Canadian).

How Does Tektonic Help Local Businesses With Quality IT Services?

Tektonic is not just another IT company — we help Canadian businesses with their computer networking, troubleshooting, cybersecurity, mobile devices, and other IT needs. Our enterprise-level services are available for prices that businesses can afford, and we’re based right here in Ontario, not overseas somewhere in the ether. We manage your IT services and manage them well, so you don’t have to.

Managed IT Services

Wasting time talking to IT companies who don’t know what you’re going through is awful — not to mention the time you waste time when you could be working or signing up new clients. Working with Tektonic is a proactive step you can take to make sure your IT dollars are going to a company who can handle your needs, knows what you need, and gets solutions as fast as possible. Tektonic addresses your issues before you know they’re there with:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Updates and upgrades
  • Planning
  • Monitoring for anomalies
  • Remote support

We want you and your employees to stay active, getting more clients and making your business work for you.

How Can Tektonic Help Your Woodbridge, Vaughan and GTA Business?

Tektonic’s IT management services help your business maintain continuity, secure sensitive data, and work reliably in the cloud. With all the threats out there in the tech world and different devices in every hand, it’s more important than ever to have good IT support on your side. Maintaining IT services is one burden you don’t need to be placed on your shoulders as the owner of a business. At Tektonic, we have the experience, ability, and expertise to make sure you don’t have to think about data storage or server maintenance when you have better things to do.

Business Continuity

Tektonic’s know-how can help you manage costs more efficiently, use your resources for what they should be used for, share the infrastructure risk burden, and refocus your priorities on the business and what really matters.

Data Security

Data breaches are one of the most prevalent means of information piracy in the world today — and just because you own a smaller business does not mean you’ll never be a target. Your business will continue to grow, and your IT support and data security will need to grow with it. Depend on Tektonic to handle the IT side of your business while you move on to bigger and better things.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

The cloud is a great way to save money on IT services because it’s scalable, easy to set up, and easy to access. It’s also a great way to share documents — but there is one problem: security. Sharing files with just anyone without proper security measures can lead to leakage of sensitive information or viruses in the files. Tektonic can monitor your business’ cloud use and make sure only the right people can view your documents.

Better Communications with Clients and Employees

The better protected your data is, the better your communications with employees and clients. Excellent IT support will allow everyone to communicate the way they need to across platforms, devices, time zones, and projects resulting in more satisfied customers and happier employees.

Why Is TekTonic Better Than Other Toronto Area IT Companies?

Tektonic is the best choice for business IT support in Toronto GTA, and we service Woodbridge, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, North York, Scarborough, Durham, Halton, and Peel. We’ve been in business for twenty years and have an extremely rapid response and resolution time. Some businesses can manage their own IT networks, but that doesn’t mean they should.

Let Tektonic provide the following services for your business:

  • Data center operations
  • Disaster recovery
  • E-commerce
  • Basic support services
  • Security management
  • Email marketing
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network architecture
  • Purchase consulting

Our customers call us “timely, reliable, effective, and always courteous.” Generator companies in Toronto need to have excellent IT services in place to make sure they’re ready to help when the lights go out, whether it’s in a power plant, a hotel, a food distribution center or agricultural greenhouse, government offices, a laboratory, or a telecommunications facility — every second counts, and lives may depend on it.

You could go with another IT support company, but Tektonic can take care of all your IT needs quickly, without interrupting your workflow, allowing security breaches, or charging you exorbitant prices. We’re local, we’re experts, and our proactive philosophy provides end-to-end solutions for your generator business.

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