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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 11,2013

b2ap3_thumbnail_safecomp400.jpgHow do you know if your IT security system is doing its job? Security is a silent system, which means if the system is functioning properly, then you won’t notice it. However, strong IT security requires maintenance, and if this upkeep is neglected, then your silent system will fail.

Staying on top of security maintenances for your IT network is crucial. These tasks may seem small, insignificant, tedious, and even unnecessary, but the consequences for neglecting these tasks can be devastating. The basic maintenances that every network administrator needs to be regularly performing are tasks like installing the latest security patches, checking and performing upgrades to software, scanning for viruses and drive errors, keeping the permissions for network access up-to-date, and more.

None of these tasks are terribly difficult to perform, many are actually quite easy, and herein lies the problem; because these tasks are so easy, they are easy to neglect. This is especially the case for a busy business. When you have a deadline fast approaching and you’re facing an all-hands-on-deck situation, then it will be tempting to put off small security tasks like downloading and installing the most recent security patch–especially if your security system seems to be doing its job and you’re not feeling the heat from any security threats.

All it takes is the delay of one of these seemingly small security maintenances for your network to become infected and your sensitive information to be compromised. This is especially the case for security patches because they are designed by the software manufacturers to keep your network safe from the latest known threats and vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it’s urgent to be timely with your security patches because your business may already be in the crosshairs of a hacker using a new virus, and the longer you put off downloading the latest patch will translate to the hacker adding more pressure to the trigger. Boom! Now you’re network is infected, you’re sensitive information is compromised, and the deadline on your important project is the least of your worries. This is a classic example of “better safe than sorry.”

At Tektonic, we understand that business can be demanding and things can get busy, which is why we offer our services to take care of these small security tasks for you! Tedious maintenances like installing security patches, checking for drive errors, antivirus scans, and much more can all be done by our team remotely. Which means you can focus all of your attention on your important projects and not have to worry about checking for upgrades or taking the time to install patches.

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