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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 16,2014

Spam mails have always been a matter of concern for many businesses. Initially, the spam mails used to be just advertisements, promotion of specific products, or requesting a recipient to buy some irrelevant services. However, these days, spam email have more dangerous intent such as damaging the system, server and the whole infrastructure through spreading viruses, malwares and such threats.

Spam emails can contaminate the stored data and make it inaccessible. Though more and more businesses are implementing email filtering service, many still thinks that they can avoid this thread by simply not opening the emails from unknown sources. However, these days, the form of spam emails has become more sedate, due to which many users fail to recognize the difference between spam and authentic email. Moreover, some emails do not even need to be opened to contaminate your system. Mere existence of these emails in the mailbox makes your system vulnerable.

Right from forgery and hijacking of important information such as passwords and Internet banking details to damaging your entire data, spam mails can have several serious effects.  To protect your data and ensure its safety, opting for spam filtering services in Toronto is the best decision you can take.

There are several benefits of having junk email filter for businesses. Let’s have a look at these benefits:

1.         Improves productivity: Your hours of valuable time will be saved if you have anti-spam protection. Handling spam emails is very time consuming and irritating. It distracts you attention and diverts your attention from the core business activities.  Hence, if there are no spam emails in the inbox, it will help to increase the productivity of you and your team. Anti-spam security ensures that only relevant and important emails will reach your inbox and there will not be any irrelevant mail that will eat-up your time.

2.         Protects you from phishing scams: The major chunk of spam emails contain phishing mails. Phishing emails provoke recipients to share their personal information. This information can be used for identity-theft. If you have anti-spam service, it will save you from such phishing scams.

3.         Clutter-free inbox: Receiving no spam mails means there will not be any clutter or junk mail in your inbox. No promotional content will interrupt your work flow neither you will have to waste your time for deleting junk mails.

4.         Save huge money: You might be wondering how spam emails costs you money; however, several reports claim that, each year US companies lose around $712 per employee due to spam email. The most surprising fact is that the companies face so much of the loss despite having the software spam filters that are available with most email clients. If you have anti-spam program, you can save such huge money. Moreover, your system will not be infected by malwares or viruses that spread through spam mails.

5.         Less IT issues: More spam emails are equal to more IT issues. If you are using anti-spam services, the amount of IT issues will also be reduced considerably. Stop spam email from entering your inbox and it will also eliminate many IT issues, which will again save your time and money.

Though there are many companies offering such services in the market, you should hire the one that offers comprehensive IT support and managed IT services.  Make sure you are choosing the most reputed and experienced company that will give you full protection from junk mails.

Scrolling down through spam emails and keeping track of Outlook filters have become a thing of the past with state-of-the-art anti-spam solutions. You can add many several layers of protection to your inbox and ensure that spam mails do not make their ways into your inbox. So, contact an ITsupport provider today and keep your inbox free from spam emails.

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