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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 20,2013

There is a big difference between someone who knows how to use a computer vs. someone who knows a computer. PCs have been designed to be used intuitively, but when it comes down to it, they are still complicated machinery that requires technical training, because of this, it’s best to leave PC maintenance to the pros.

Don’t get us wrong, we are sure that your staff is a sharp group of individuals, and given enough time they could figure out how to properly maintain their computer; but do you really want them using their valuable time (and subsequently, your valuable time), to learn and implement tedious PC updates?

The fact of the matter is that if you don’t have a person or a company lined up to maintain your computers, then the responsibility will fall on the employees who use the computers. Even your brightest employee may not know how to properly care for a computer simply because they are not trained for it, and then there is the chance that computer maintenance might get blown off altogether.

Performing upgrades on your software and operating system should not be viewed as optional. Many of these updates are designed to keep your computers protected from the latest security threats, as well as improve PC performance. Here is a chore list of maintenance that every computer needs in order to stay protected and run at maximum efficiency.

  • Run disk defrag.
  • Updating and running antivirus software.
  • Monitor the status of the data backup solution.
  • Applying Windows security patches.
  • Apply Windows updates.
  • Clearing cache and temporary files.
  • Renew expired software licenses.
  • Apply updates to each application.

Granted, nothing on this list is overly technical, but the importance of doing these items properly means that, whoever is keeping your PC updated, will have to technically understand how to do each task. The other issue that you will run into is time. An employee performing these computer maintenance tasks will not be doing a job that they specialize in, which is likely a job that creates revenue for your company. Therefore, even if your employee knows how to do these tasks, it might not be worth their time.

If you want these important computer maintenance done right, and you want it done in a cost-effective manner that frees up your employees to generate revenue, then you will want to give the professionals at Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928.

We have remote monitoring and maintenance tools that allow us to perform all of these tasks from our office. This saves you money compared to hiring an on site technician, or having a computer repair person stop by for routine service calls. In fact, because the goal of our maintenance service is to save you time, we purposely perform this maintenance after your office is closed; this ensures that we won’t get in the way or take up critical network resources.

By outsourcing these maintenance routines to Tektonic, you will gain peace of mind that everything is handled professionally. Be assured that every time you come in to work, every computer on your network will be functioning properly, and your staff will be able to crank out as much work as possible. This is because your technology won’t be slowing anybody down and getting in the way. Call Tektonic at (416) 256-9928 for more information on how our managed IT services can make technology work for you!

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