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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON June 5,2013

Growing up, we didn’t dream of servicing computers. Long ago, when RAM was the animal used to represent the letter “R,” and not random access memory, our aspirations tended to be draped with capes. While none of us today are superhero crime fighters, we can be an IT hero to your business!

There’s a common thread that ties together our childhood dreams with our current professions, and that’s helping people–and cool gadgets, for those among us who preferred Batman and Iron Man. Heroic service is at the core of what we do. This is what differentiates us from being just a computer break-fix company. We are serving the needs of law abiding citizens and finding solutions to keep your business (and by extension, all of society) operating at maximum efficiency. We are like IT heroes, swooping in to save the day if a threat to your technology is ever detected.

You may not have a Tektonic signal to shine up into the sky every time you have a problem, but you can put in a call to our Help Desk at (416) 256-9928 to receive assistance anytime your computer encounters an error. Technically, we don’t have any superpowers; but, as IT heroes, we are armed with technology solutions that can solve virtually any technology problem you may encounter. Using Batman as yet another example, even he could benefit from the remote support service Tektonic could provide for his Batcave computer system. That would definitely be a memorable service call for one of our lucky technicians.

As an IT hero, we are protectors of all technology that is good and profitable. Thinking back to the heroes we looked up to as kids, it seems like they are always engaging villains in epic battles that cause collateral damage to personal properties. Superhero movies tend not to show the business owners returning to their office the next day, only to find it disintegrated by an alien laser beam. Sure the world is saved, but the computers that housed all of their company’s data have been reduced to particle dust. The affected business owner might have had the foresight to sign up for superhero battle insurance, but insurance money can’t buy back lost data.

When a disaster like this hits, we strap on our cape and go into hero mode. With a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, we can quickly retrieve all of your data so that your business can be saved. A business that experiences major data loss, whether it’s from a superhero battle or any other disaster, has an over-70% chance of going under within two years. Therefore, to the business whose data we just saved, Tektonic is much more heroic than the flying man who destroyed their office with an energy beam.

As an IT hero, we can protect your business from physical disasters, as well as actively defend you against virtual threats like computer viruses. In fact, Tektonic has so many heroic solutions and tools in our arsenal, it would be justifiable for us to dust off our capes from childhood and wear it to the office. Don’t be surprised if you encounter this sight when visiting our ON office.

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