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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 9,2013

After many nights of working late and putting your all into your business, it’s finally reached a point of being profitable and your team works really well with one another. Some employees have been with you for years and really know their way around the business, which makes them key players in your company. What do you do when life throws a wrench at them and they have no choice but to move thousands of miles away?The thing about life is, it can take you a very long time to get to where you are, but when you least expect it, a span of five minutes can destroy everything. It’s scary, we know. A simple phone call to one of your key team members can set your business back year’s in training and experience. Bringing a new employee onboard, and getting them to the same level will be truly challenging, and costly.

The best thing to do is incorporate a satellite worker option into your business model. This can be done easily with a couple pieces of today’s technology. Using a cloud solution from Tektonic would allow any one of your employee’s to access all the needed resources and data they need to fulfill their daily task from anywhere in the world. Combine that with VoIP and a virtual meeting software and it will be like the employee never left the office.

The benefit of being able to provide a satellite worker option to any member of your dynamic team is a worthwhile investment to any business. Onboarding a new employee at $8.00 per hour can cost your company close to $10,000. How much do you think losing an employee of 5 or 10 years cost you? Sure, you may have a solid training program, but the experience can only come with time that they actually do the job.

When we say experience, we don’t just mean how long said individual has been in your line of business. We also mean how long they have spent working with the different personalities of your workforce. All those years collaborating and learning how to communicate effectively with your team is a value you can’t put a price on. It’s much better to be as prepared as you can be for when these life events take a toll on your business.

Preparation is the key to strategic development and expansion, and Tektonic is here to help you implement it. We will evaluate your current IT infrastructure and help you develop technology solutions to keep your business on point with minimal expense. Don’t hesitate! Give us a call now at (416) 256-9928 before life throws you another curveball. We’re waiting.

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