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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 1,2013

Every piece of technology that makes up your network is important when it comes to keeping your business in business. At the heart of your network is your server, it is a crucial piece of equipment that stores and sends data. A server that is neglected can potentially derail your entire network.Be sure to check in on your server every once in awhile to prevent server problems. Checking in on your server is easy to do, and while there are many maintenances that are rather technical, it takes no technical expertise to give your server a once over and look for these obvious signs that can hinder performance.

Airflow Restrictors
Servers are powerful computing devices that can pump out a lot of data and even more heat. It is important to keep the server temperature down; this is why many large server rooms have air conditioner units going all year round. Servers have fans that suck in cool air and push out warm air; this air flow is vital to keeping a server cool. If there is any object blocking a server’s air vents and hindering airflow, then you will notice a decrease in performance and run the risk of a server overheating.

Server airflow can be hindered by another piece of technology being pushed up against it, like another server. Airflow can also be restricted if servers are placed too close to walls, they need several inches of breathing room in order to stay cool. Dust can also hinder airflow, if servers are neglected, then dust can pile up into a gross dust sheet that can completely cover your vents and cause a whole mess of problems. Going in periodically with a can of compressed air will make a big difference in keeping your servers running smoothly.

An Explosion of Cables
Cable management is a big part of server maintenance. If your server is exploding with cables going every which way, then it is in your best interest to organize the cables into manageable bundles. Mismanaged cables can potentially cover a server air vent; plus, it just looks tacky. A mess of cables will also make server maintenance a pain, having to sort through piles of cables could more than double the time it takes to do something simple like plugging in a new device. A server that has properly bundled cables will cut down the amount of time it takes for a technician to work on it; this can save you money if you are being billed by the hour.

The server issues mentioned here are obvious to spot and easy to remedy. For the more technical server maintenance tasks, like upgrades and data backup, Tektonic is here to help. Call Tektonic at (416) 256-9928, we can take care of any of your server needs. We even offer remote support that will let us take care of many server issues, before they turn into major problems. If you are noticing a decrease in the performance of your servers, or you are finding the server room to be a bit hotter than you remember it being, then give Tektonic a call and let us give your important server the care it deserves.

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