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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 1,2012

It is safe to assume that you have an internet connection if you are reading this blog. You obviously have surfing the web figured out, and perhaps checking email and playing games are also a part of your repertoire. If your internet usage stops there, then you are missing out on a powerful internet tool called VoIP that can totally revolutionize the way you communicate.

The vast array of tasks you can perform over the internet can boggle the mind. Plugging your phone into the world wide web seems like a natural next step. VoIP (Voice over IP) works by translating your voice into data packets, and then converts it back to audio. Instead of using phone lines, VoIP does this over the internet for long distance calls, and over your local network for in-house calls. VoIP can take your boring old phone and make it cool again with new possibilities and new features. Although, it does make you feel kinda bad for the traditional phone companies, what with them now being obsolete–zing!

The Many Features of VoIP

Saving moolah is the feature that stands out the most. A VoIP plan compared to an average long distance plan, will save you anywhere in the ballpark between 50-70%. The way most VoIP plans charge is by the number of lines and compatible devices used, not by the amount of calls made. This means you can talk clients and business partners on the other side of the country for as long as they can stand to hear your voice.

Voice Over IP also makes it possible to say sayonara to your old phone company and strip out your phone lines altogether. This will also give you a great excuse to update the phone that has been sitting on your desk for as long as you can remember.

Phone features previously reserved for the phone companies cadillac plan, now come standard with VoIP. Call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, call conferencing, call recording, and call transfers, are all part of the VoIP package. VoIP offers some cool features that make communicating easy: voicemail, running reports, recording phone conversations, and even sending your voicemail to your email inbox. The list of features VoIP offers is quite extensive. Tektonic provides you with an exhaustive list of features that come with your VoIP plan, we will be happy to go over all the features with you so can take full advantage of everything VoIP has to offer.

Communication Possibilities by VoIP

With VoIP you can you can transfer your office phone service to anywhere that has the internet. New communication possibilities abound as you are no longer stuck in the office waiting for an important phone call. VoIP uses an SIP- or IAX- compatible phone that can work with a router, USB port, or even a Wi-Fi signal. Chances are, you already have a laptop, tablet, or other mobile device that is granting you freedom from your desk, VoIP can make the mobile office you have always dreamed of entirely possible.

Voice over IP really becomes attractive when multiple employees are working at different locations. VoIP makes it possible to streamline the entire operation; every call now takes place over the company network and is free. A single network also makes teleconferencing easy and affordable, and whether you have plans on expanding your business across town, across the country, or you are just adding new workstations in your current location, then VoIP will help bring down your expansion cost.

Thinking about switching to VoIP? Companies all across the ON region are cutting their analog lines and going digital. Give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928 and we will discuss with you a VoIP plan that will fit the needs of your business.

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