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Toronto Organizations Are Switching To VoIP Business Phones

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VoIP Business Phones For Toronto Organizations

Successful businesses grow, and with that comes the need to grow out of your office. Right now, we’re all embracing remote work to some degree. If your current system isn’t able to handle incoming and outgoing calls from any device or location, that’s a problem. But chances are, if you’re here reading this, you already know that.

Your phone system is over its current capacity.

Your employees are struggling to stay connected to customers from home.

Maybe your employees are even struggling to stay connected to each other.

Phone system hardware can become outdated and obsolete incredibly quickly, and as a result, you end up lacking innovative features that customers want you to have. Like the ability to maintain access to your work line and all applicable extensions, forwarding, and other features while you’re working from home.

voip business phones

Customers Are Asking For More

You’re not alone in feeling sick of your business phone struggles. If you’re using a traditional phone system outside of the office, you’re struggling to connect, forward calls, answer quickly on the go, and overall, stay responsive. But here’s the thing: Accenture found that 89% of customers get frustrated when they need to repeat their issues to multiple people. HubSpot found that 33% of customers are most frustrated when they have to wait on hold.

And the most important statistic? Customers are four times more likely to switch to a competitor if they’re having service-based problems with your company. But aside from the fact that your customers want more from you, YOU want more from your phone system.

You want something that offers more advanced features.

You want to stop paying an arm and a leg on your phone bill each month.

You want to be able to grow into your system and add users easily as you expand.

The Benefits Of Switching To VoIP Business Phones

VoIP business phones are the modern choice for companies that want to expand, improve customer service, and stay connected with one another – no matter where they are. VoIP business phones use the internet to let you make and receive calls from any location. You maintain access to your work line and all applicable extensions, and using the softphone app, can turn your mobile device into your desk phone.

Why switch to VoIP business phones?

  1. Installation is simple and quick as the cloud-based communications server is configured easily with minimal onsite equipment.
  2. The cost is lower because you’re using your internet connection and pay a monthly fee for the service as opposed to traditional phone bills.
  3. It’s easy to scale up and down as needed – adding or removing users via an intuitive interface.
  4. Communication is possible with any device via the softphone app that lets you turn your smartphone, tablet, or desktop into your work line.
  5. You get more features than a traditional phone system. If you can think of it, it’s probably available:
    • Do not disturb
    • Voicemail to email
    • Call forwarding
    • Call hold
    • Call monitoring
    • Music on hold
    • And much more

Did we mention It’s cheaper?

We’ve seen customers reduce their telecommunications costs by up to 50% each month. Instead of paying a high monthly bill, you pay for what you use and you make and receive calls over the internet, which means no more long-distance fees. There’s no need for a costly separate system or additional hardware so not only do you pay less upfront, but you also pay less in terms of ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and other expenses.

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