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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 8,2013

Smartphones are beautifully designed to accomplish many tasks with just a few swipes of your fingertips. However, sometimes your fingertips cause problems because the screen is just too dang small, especially when it comes to texting. There’s a new app called Fleksy that promises to make texting easier and help smartphone users that suffer from fat finger syndrome.

Fleksy is a free app claiming to be the most accurate typing assistant on the market, and with a 40,000 word dictionary to pull words from, there is truth to their claim. Fleksy works by using the auto-correct format that comes preloaded with smartphones, but unlike the auto-correct feature you are used to (that will often suggest random-yet-hilarious words); Fleksy takes into consideration the context of your message to suggest a word that’s appropriate. Additionally, Fleksy uses an algorithm to learn and predict your unique communication style.

Even though texting with a QWERTY keyboard may be prone to error-filled typing, according to a 2012 study from Nokia, 83% of smartphone users still prefer to text with a QWERTY keypad. This compared to only 8% of users who prefer to write a text by dictation. Therefore, Fleksy sought to improve the typing experience. One way Flesky does this is by adding an audio playback feature that reads back what you type as you type. This helpful feature came out of Fleksy’s beginnings as an app used to assist the blind and visually impaired with texting.

Along with improving typing accuracy, Fleksy also promises to improve typing speeds. Several users that have used and reviewed Fleksy have commented that their smartphone typing have improved by as much as 20 words per minute. Any productivity expert will tell you that saving a few minutes out of each day will make a big difference at the end of the week, which means the heavier of a texter you are, the more time Fleksy will give you.

Fleksy is now in beta testing for Android phones, with plans for iOS in the near future. Beta testing means that Fleksy is free and looking for feedback. To be a beta tester for Fleksy, you can sign up for it with your Google+ account and then download it. Upon download, Fleksy will automatically become your default keyboard. After beta testing is complete, it is Fleksy’s goal to come preinstalled with new mobile devices.

To sign up as a beta tester and learn more about Fleksy, you can check out their website at Fleksy.com. Have you had problems with typing on a small screen? Are you planning on trying out Fleksy, or do you know of another texting solution that works great? Share with us your thoughts in the comments!

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