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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON September 23,2014

What are the things you always have with you whenever you to go to your office or on any urgent business trip? Usually it’s your laptop, briefcase and of course, your mobile phone or other hand held device. With the introduction of android and other smartphones, it has become sensible for businessmen to use one as these devices can easily connect to the internet and work can be done on the go. This phenomenon gave rise to mobile computing, as browsing the web or working online could easily be done via these smartphones themselves.

All you would have to do is contact a mobile network provider and purchase an internet plan for your phone. Another thing you can do is get in touch with a managed IT services company and use their mobile computing services. They will immediately install all the latest software that is compatible with your current smartphone. With this, you can now connect to the internet wherever you are and be in contact with your main office for all the daily business updates.

Through mobile computing, you can even send across dozens of files and check your emails or other attachments that you receive online. There are many other mobile computing devices like tablets and iPads with which you can check entire documents and open websites to view. Plus, a handheld device is much easier and convenient to use if compared to a laptop. You will need to carry a separate laptop bag with you especially for your laptop along with a charger to keep it powered. This gives rise to another problem – finding a power source!

A mobile on the other hand, is just a simple device which you can slip right into your pocket. This especially comes in handy whenever you need to check a document or give your consent on any project urgently. When you use an IT servicesprovider to setup your mobile computing network you will get all the latest business software’s installed on your mobile. Along with these software’s, you will even get special protection software to help you prevent viruses from infecting your mobile device.

What’s more, your mobile will function so efficiently, that you will not have to fumble with your laptop ever again. You can just whip out your mobile and handle all business related tasks on the mobile itself. And with the in-built security software installed by your IT technician, all the business data which you download on your phone will be safe from hacking or theft attempts. No matter what the mobiles’ platform, your will find a software compatible for it from your dedicated IT service agency.

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