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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 12,2019

Proactive, Trusted Technology Support for Your Toronto Nonprofit

Are you looking for proactive IT support that will help keep your business safe? A trusted IT partner will ensure you receive the best pricing for your business or nonprofit.  

Toronto Nonprofit

Nonprofits are always challenged with having the right tools and resources to help meet organizational goals and objectives. Slow networks and aging technology can be particularly damaging to this type of business, simply because there is rarely any redundancy in terms of staff members. Each individual is likely moving at top speed in an attempt to move the mission into the future while furiously multitasking. It’s all too easy for staff members to find that their productivity drops dramatically when they’re having trouble with technology — simply stopping to request support from an overworked help desk could pull hours away from a crucial project. The staff at Toronto nonprofits need to know they have access to trusted and proactive technical support to ensure they’re able to meet the changing needs of the organization.

Is Your Toronto Nonprofit Ready for Remote Workers?

One of the biggest frustrations cited in a recent study of mobile workers showed that slow network speed was a problem for 41% of workers, something that can plague businesses that handle their own network operations onsite. Fully-optimized WiFi networks offer a productivity boost that may surprise leaders — specifically when they realize how much expensive IT time could be spent troubleshooting poor connections for staff members. As staff members look for ways to become more mobile and businesses attempt to provide improved work/life balance, work-from-home and remote office locations are increasingly becoming the norm. Nearly 65% of Canadians stated that working from home is becoming the new norm, and even note that they are more productive when they work remotely. This level of flexibility will continue, creating ongoing challenges for IT departments that are not prepared to handle the shifting complexities involved in a remote workforce.

Empowering Nonprofits with Technology Advantages

Few nonprofits are large enough to afford the enterprise-scale tools that are used by other organizations, yet nonprofits are still competing with these businesses in many ways. Consumers have a choice of how to spend their discretionary funds, and nonprofits are clamoring to be heard in the rising wave of organizations that are competing for these dollars. Nonprofits that are able to leverage cloud-based tools to advance their mission are more likely to have the flexibility and advanced functionality needed to survive — and thrive — in this agile environment. Leveraging technology doesn’t require a massive budget or an endless supply of tech support. Instead, working with a trusted Toronto IT solutions provider may offer the advantage that your nonprofit needs to push forward and grow.

Getting the right IT support starts with a partner that understands the technology used in your business. At Tektonic, we specialize in Office 365 and other office software and networking upgrades and work with a range of top-notch vendors such as Datto for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Working with our team means you are gaining access to trusted, vetted professionals with experience across a range of solutions, and the guaranteed service levels that your business deserves. Contact the experts at Tektonic Managed Services today at 416-256-9928 to see how our team is providing exceptional support to nonprofits throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You can also reach us online via chat or fill out our quick online form to receive a free initial estimate from our team.

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