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Does your Toronto IT Support Company Offer 24/7 Support and Superior Customer Care?

If not, Tektonic does. You no longer have to search the entire Greater Toronto area for an IT company who’ll be there when you need them, no matter what your issue is.  With Tektonic standing by providing the around-the-clock care today’s modern businesses expect, never again will you need to worry about the health and security of your IT network

If not, Tektonic does. You no longer have to search the entire Greater Toronto area for an IT company who’ll be there when you need them, no matter what your issue is.  With Tektonic standing by providing the around-the-clock care today’s modern businesses expect, never again will you need to worry about the health and security of your IT network. Never again will you have to deal with amateurs who don’t keep track of support tickets, lead you on, tell you what you want to hear, and then abandon you. No, with Tektonic you get a dedicated, engaged Toronto IT support company in which you can trust to always deliver.

You see, we’re not some big, corporate conglomerate that buys up tech support companies strips them bare, and leaves a hollow shell for end-users to deal with. Instead, Tektonic shakes up the Toronto IT support market with service-level agreements that include 24/7/365 support capabilities for you and your business, whether you are in the following industries (or not):

We understand how much dedication to excellence it takes to be a leading IT support company in Toronto (or anywhere) these days. As a result, we have some pretty rigorous tech support and customer service standards we adhere to. Because, customer care and filling out the customer experience to the point of “peak satisfaction” takes more than just our technical expertise — indeed, it takes a complete “sympathetic coherence” with our clients.

We’re a Toronto IT support company who always evaluates each customer support situation by putting ourselves in your shoes and asking, “How would we address this problem if this were our own IT issue?”

Providing Superior Customer Support

Because of the great demand for customer support, many of us have had to take a close, hard look at why many small and medium enterprises turn to such independent (non-corporate in character) IT support providers to aid their businesses. However, providing customer support is not simple. It requires a lot of patience along with good communication and people skills to run an efficient IT support company in Toronto ON.

Here are some customer support guidelines or standards we found on Tech Republic that match up very well with our own beliefs on what constitutes proactive, engaged customer service in the area Toronto IT support companies must occupy:

  1. Patience and listening.

These are the two most important qualities required in anyone who must deal with people on a daily basis, as a core part of their duties. Often, someone who needs help can be totally baffled with the product or service they are dealing with; no matter how trivial or repetitive that issue is, a customer care executive must always listen to the issue in its entirety and resolve it as fast as possible, while maintaining an even temper. Further, extra caution must be observed when dealing with a rude or non-cooperative client. After a hard day’s work one might get provoked by such customers. But as mentioned already, the support provider needs to maintain her cool and redress the problem as efficiently as possible.

  1. Ensure redressing of the problem and follow up.

Sometimes the same individual can have related problems with a particular item, but these may occur or get reported at different times. In such situations, usually, the customer is entertained by different support providers, at different times. This can cause an unnecessary waste of time and confusion. One easy way out of this problem is to be thorough with an issue. Being a customer support provider you will be well-aware of the related problems that can accompany a particular issue, so even if the customer has not discovered it yet, you can inquire about a few essential issues on your own.

Also, once a particular problem’s solution has been provided; follow up on the issue with the customer in concern to see if everything has worked out fine. This not only helps your service from getting continuously interrupted by the same user and the same issue, but it also strengthens the good relations you share with your client.

  1. Promise what you can deliver.

Often it becomes the tendency of certain freshly established enterprises to make impossible claims and promises, e.g. promising 24/7 support when you do not have facilities and or manpower to back that up. This will only end up disappointing your client base and thus earn you the reputation of being unreliable and impossible. So, it is very important for any such service provider to take stock of their business resources and capabilities, before making any service guarantee or promises.

  1. Show appreciation.

Along with these steps, it is also good practice for any such enterprise to provide certain bonuses to their customers as a token of appreciation, e.g. a discount on the present or a future bill. This creates a positive impact on the minds of customers, thus often ensuring future business.
[Source credit: Tech Republic]

With managed services and the accompanying “Always Available” IT support from Tektonic, you can indefinitely forego the need to hire internal IT resources, allowing you to focus your time and money directly on your core competencies.

Our IT support company helps Toronto businesses and larger enterprises with a Professional Help Desk that will help you solve IT problems fast, with follow-ups that ensure the problem won’t crop up again.

Some of Our Key Our Toronto IT Support and Service Incentives

The benefits of our technology management, IT consulting, and follow-up customer care (among our other incentivizing features) include:

  • Lower Costs – Outsourcing your IT costs far less than hiring internal IT staff and buying expensive network hardware.
  • Scalability –One of the largest benefits of cloud technology is that it can grow right alongside our business without the need for huge capital expenses up front.
  • Advanced Security –With your files, applications and other data stored in world-class data centers, you’ll enjoy enterprise-level security all as a part of your small monthly fee.
  • Simplified IT Management –By moving your business to the cloud, your IT is externally managed by the MSP, but still entirely under your control.
  • No More IT Projects – Any changes, updates, additional staff members, new locations, etc. can be easily provisioned in the cloud.
  • Reliable Data Backup –Storing your data in the cloud ensures that it will always be recoverable in the event of an onsite disaster, human error, power outages, or worse.
  • Comprehensive Software Management – With your whole line of business applications hosted in the cloud, you never need to worry about update and patch management ever again.

Tektonic is proud to offer small and mid-sized outfits, home business people, and start-ups stable and robust IT solutions to help you save time, money and effort when it comes to your IT.

And, our customer-centric tech support is just icing on the cake of our managed IT services offerings.

Ready for a Toronto IT Support Company That Truly Has Your Back?

Learn more about how our managed IT solutions and IT support for Toronto businesses with professional Help Desk will help you solve IT issues quickly — so, get in touch with our team today at (416) 256-9928 or by email at sales@tek-help.com for more information.

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