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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON June 23,2019

Businesses today run on technology. When your technology is not performing up to the expected standards, you can quickly find that productivity slows dramatically within your business. Providing routine maintenance for your systems can be costly and time-consuming if you’re contracting with a partner to only perform services on devices or systems that are broken. From contract inception to the completion of the task can take weeks — time that your business users and technology users alike are often spinning their wheels and waiting for problem resolution.

Working with a Toronto IT services provider allows businesses to be more proactive with their business systems, improving customer service levels and reducing frustration for business users.

Making a decision to outsource some or all of your business technology is not a decision to be made lightly. There are many considerations to work through, including the overall cost to the business in terms of both opportunity cost for maintaining internal operations to the break-fix solutions that you may be currently utilizing.

Many businesses find that ongoing technology costs are lowered and efficiency is improved by reducing the load on internal IT teams. Understanding the cost equation is an important part of your decision-making process, and this brief rundown should help you understand the services and pricing models to expect.

Why Is Proactive IT Support Better Than Reactive Solutions?

Nearly every business leader has dealt with the scramble to find funds to resolve yet another technology issue that cropped up unexpectedly. Whether that’s an upgrade that was overlooked during the budgeting process or a large-scale fail in terms of hardware, there are challenges with consistency in budgeting nearly every year.

Reactive maintenance, also known as “break-fix” solutions providers are often high-priced technology consultants that are brought in to resolve a specific issue in a timely fashion. When something breaks, you may not have time to shop around and find the best possible resource — you may have to take whoever is available to help bring relief to your teams or get the business moving again. Not only is the timing unexpected and difficult to budget for, but you may end up paying a premium for services rendered.

With proactive IT support, you are working with a partner who comes alongside your business and makes recommendations on what to consider in the future. This can work in a variety of ways, but many Toronto IT services companies work with business and IT leadership of your business to define an upgrade roadmap and a projection of recommended maintenance for the future. Plus, many of your quick-fix needs are often covered in your services contract, so you’re able to quickly resolve problems and get back to business without the hassle and distraction of finding a resource, budgeting and contracting for their time.

What Type of Services are Covered by IT Support Partners?

Wouldn’t your business be better if you didn’t have to deal with IT problems? Teaming up with the right IT support partner means finding an organization and individuals that you can trust to provide a high quality of service for your business at all times. Toronto IT services providers offer a range of services for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Help Desk services to answer your questions and provide solutions 24/7
  • Microsoft OS and Office 365 licensing and implementation
  • Email spam blocking and advanced protection
  • Web security that keeps your business safe online
  • Cloud and local backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Technology project scoping and implementation
  • Mobile device management
  • Business telephony

Each of these services is targeted to allow your teams to focus on forward-facing initiatives — while your infrastructure runs seamlessly in the background of your business.

Tektonic Shares The Real Cost of Toronto IT Services

While it can be difficult to provide an exact price without an overview of your business, the technology professionals at Tektonic believe that open communication and transparency are crucial to a positive working relationship. The majority of managed services providers offer two main models of pricing: per-user pricing and per-device pricing.

  • Per-User Pricing: This pricing scheme provides a relatively straightforward way to determine your monthly, quarterly and annual costs for IT managed services. In general, each employee at your organization will be considered a “user” in terms of pricing.
  • Per-Device Pricing: While there are some services providers who only cover PCs or only Macs, Tektonic works with all platforms including mobile devices. Per-user pricing is the most common standard for services contracts due to the simplicity of pricing. With per-device pricing, there are a significant number of variables that can change throughout the year, such as the number of laptops and tablets.

No matter what pricing model you decide to utilize, what is important is that your Toronto IT services provider is very clear about what is included in your pricing. You should also request a list of what is specifically excluded from your list, and make this a part of your contract to ensure that everyone has a consistent understanding of the terms.

When you’re ready to learn more about pricing for Toronto IT services, contact the professionals at Tektonic today at 416-256-9928 or chat online with one of our team. You can claim your free initial consultation, where our IT support experts will listen carefully and then make a recommendation about the best service option for your business.

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