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Does Your Toronto IT Company Give You a Technology Summary Each Year?

44% of Businesses Plan to Increase Their Technology Spending in 2020 – Compared to 38% of Businesses in 2019. But How Do You Keep Track of That Spending and Whether or Not It’s Contributing to Your Growth and Success? Toronto IT Company Tektonic Has the Answer…

Your Toronto IT Company Should Give You a Technology Summary Each Year

Businesses are realizing the power of technology more than ever before with 44% of businesses planning to increase their technology spending in 2020 – up from 38% in 2019. What are businesses investing in? Many state that they’re looking to upgrade outdated equipment, address evolving security concerns, and better accommodate their growing team. In fact, 25% of businesses stated they’re increasing their technology spending due to a recent security-related incident. But at the end of the day, you need to make sure you’re accounting for each dollar you spend towards anything in your business.

Tektonic understands the need to account for what you’re spending and make sure you’re receiving a return on your investment.

Our team knows that technology can be quite the costly investment, especially when you’re taking advantage of the latest advancements to stay on top of the competition. That’s why we’re always aiming to be transparent with each and every one of our clients – letting them know exactly what they’re paying for and why we recommend it. We even give our clients a complete technology summary once a year – outlining exactly what’s being done in terms of services, what the desired result is, and what the estimated cost will be.

This technology summary covers a range of categories to ensure our clients are aware of any potential issues and/or changes to their environment in the following areas:

  • Servers
  • Backups
  • Licensing
  • Virus protection
  • Power management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Workstations
  • Internet access
  • Perimeter security
  • Firewalls
  • Network security
  • Lan protocols
  • Network and cabling
  • Switches

Does Your Toronto IT Company Understand That EVERY Company is a Technology Company at the End of the Day?

That’s right… We believe EVERY company is a technology company. What do we mean? Regardless of your industry, size or products and/or services offered, technology is vital to each and every company. Think about it… If you didn’t have technology, chances are, you’d be extremely limited in what you’re able to achieve. At the heart of EVERY successful company is technology. Each and every department – from marketing to accounting to human resources and everything in between – depends on technology to function.

Even the smallest amount of downtime creates a ripple effect wherein customers, partners, and employees are impacted in a HUGE way. This is why EVERY company is a technology company. And that means EVERY company needs to have the proper insight into their technology – from the services they’re receiving to any requirements in terms of upgrades and/or troubleshooting needed.

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