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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON November 14,2012

Everyday, you likely spend more time than you want to checking and writing emails. To help you out, we have a tip that can save you time with your daily email responsibilities. With just a right-click, you can quickly attach a file to an Outlook email, and no longer have to waste time hunting around your document folders.

Attach to Outlook

If you have already located a file that you want to attach, then attaching it to an email is as simple
as a right-click. When you right-click the file’s icon, a menu will appear, you will then want to go to Send To, and then click on Mail Recipient.

This will automatically attach the file to a new email in Microsoft Outlook. If you are attaching a picture, then you may be prompted to confirm the image size before Outlook will finishing loading. When Outlook opens, your cursor will be already on the To: form, ready for you to select the recipient. You can insert the address manually or choose an address from your contact list.

Outlook will even have the subject line already filled out for you with “Emailing:”, followed by the name of your file. You can change the subject line to fit your liking, or leave it as is and still communicate your subject. Before hitting Send, you may want to type a brief message to give the email a personal touch. You will notice that Outlook has already included a few lines for you regarding the file and the standard spiel about scanning attachments for viruses.

This shortcut can save you time, and if you incorporate this tip into your regular email routine, all this time can add up to a noticeable amount of additional free time. Be sure to check back next week for more time-saving tips!

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