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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 24,2014

b2ap3_thumbnail_write_email_400.jpgWhether you like it or not, email is a standard communication method used by businesses around the world. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right things to say, especially when you’re under pressure to respond. Thankfully, with the right formula, writing a good email doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as you might think it is.

Today, knowing what to include in an email is imperative to being a good business owner. They can make or break your reputation in the professional world, and whether others will see you as a professional worth investing time into. Writing a good email is fairly simple if you focus on these four guidelines.

What’s the Email’s Goal?
Without a clear end-result in mind, an email isn’t going to really resonate with the reader, and you will have trouble staying focused on it. Simply having the goal of the email in mind can keep you focused while writing it, and the recipient will see that you are a focused individual worthy of their time. It can also tell your reader whether or not the email contains something of value to them early on. There’s nothing worse than reading a long email and finding out it holds no value to you.

Begin with an Overview
This goes back to the email’s goal; what will the recipient get from this email? They want to know, and they don’t want to muddle through a page of text to find out why you are contacting them. Carefully outline what has been discussed and what still needs to be discussed. This lets the reader know what you have in store for them, and can allow them to skim through the email to the parts they need to read most.

Write Clearly and Concisely
When you write an email, you want to get straight to the point. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when dealing with a lot of detailed information. Even in this case, an email still isn’t the best place to discuss endless paragraphs of details. Try and fit only what is necessary at the time of writing, then hammer out the finer details later on in a formal, face-to-face meeting. One way of improving the clarity of the email is to edit it before you send it, cutting out unnecessary words, or maybe even sentences.

Mind Your Manners
Your parents may have told you that being polite will go a long way in life, and they were right. Addressing someone informally when you barely know them will push one of two thoughts into your recipient’s brain; either you have no manners, or you’re an incredibly friendly person. More often than not, it will be the former. Always address someone as Mr., Mrs., or Ms. if you don’t know them, and always be polite. It might make the difference between dropping a deal or sealing it.

The next time you are stuck on an email, keep these tips in mind and go forth into a world of increased productivity, and perhaps even sales increases. For more tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your technology, give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928.

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