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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON October 15,2014

How often do you deal with your company-owned IT equipment? Some businesses keep detailed records of their equipment and use security measures and policies to prevent theft; but if your business doesn’t protect its equipment, you could be digging a hole into your budget without realizing it.In fact, it’s much easier for someone to walk into your equipment room, take a hard disk drive, and walk out the door than it would be for a hacker to make their way through a firewall or antivirus into your database. Simply locking the door to the IT equipment room isn’t going to be enough to protect your precious technology from those who want to take it. Keeping your gear safe doesn’t have to be hard, though. There are many simple methods you can use to keep your equipment where it should be, and more complex security solutions to monitor your assets.

Keep Your IT Equipment Isolated
An easy way to keep your IT equipment safe is to isolate your technology. Keep it in a closed-off, restricted area and limit what personnel can access it. This keeps clients, employee friends, and other unauthorized folks from accessing it without prior permission. This prevents employees from taking technology that they don’t need for their everyday tasks, and reduces the chance that they will accidentally (or “accidentally”) take it home with them. Restricting access to your company’s technology is the first step toward minimizing risk.

Take Careful Inventory
If you don’t know what assets you have, you’re begging to get robbed. To prevent this, take careful inventory of all technology your business uses and where it currently is. It would also be a real shame if some of your technology were to go missing and, months later, you finally find out. By the time you’ve found out that it’s gone, it could be sold or misplaced. If your employees know that when a device goes missing you’ll know within a short time and they will be discouraged from taking anything without your permission in the first place.

Rather than concentrate on just big pieces of technology, you should cover even the smaller pieces of equipment. We’re talking stuff like USB cables, headphones, keyboards, the whole shebang. These smaller pieces of technology are generally prone to being taken by kleptomaniacs or by those who might need it in a pinch. They might not feel like it is a big deal, but it could potentially cost your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Set Up Some Security
Now it’s time for the heavy-duty tactics. These include security solutions to protect your equipment and assets. Processor magazine goes into detail about some potential solutions:

Possibilities for physical security include adding perimeter fencing, limiting entry and exit points, installing security cameras across the grounds and in server rooms, using card readers at doors, or adding floor-to-ceiling turnstiles or man traps for sensitive areas. Additionally, never let non-employees walk through the site unescorted, and store unused equipment and cables in locked rooms. Performing regular audits of IT equipment is key.

Protecting your IT equipment is a serious task that must be attended to. Tektonic offers business security solutions designed to protect your company’s data and preserve its future. With a powerful digital surveillance solution you can monitor your workplace from afar.

Not all businesses have the same equipment security needs, but there’s always room for improvement. A security audit from Tektonic can help your business identify where its weak points are. We’ll assess your office environment and look for ways to improve your security situation. You want nothing less than the best for your business, so why not give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928?

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