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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON April 28,2013

Do you have a Microsoft Word document that is so long you need a GPS just to find your place? Macros are a great tool that you can utilize as a document bookmark. With this PC productivity tip, we will show you how to make a macro that you can use to quickly find where you last left off.

Microsoft Word does include document navigation tools, but for documents that come close to breaking the novel barrier, you will want something more heavy duty than the scroll bar or the Page Up key. A macro can be used to bookmark your spot so that with one click you will be transported to where you need to go. Make your own bookmark macro with this easy to follow macro-making recipe.

With Word open, go ahead and launch the Visual Basic Editor (VBE). You will do this by pressing Alt+F11. On the left side you will see a file path menu; in this menu go ahead and click on ThisDocument. This will open a macro text box; you will want to copy and paste the code below in the text box.

Public Sub InsertBookmark()
‘Insert bookmark for user.
Call Bookmarks.Add(“user”, Selection.Range)
End Sub
Public Sub ReturnToBookmark()
‘Return to previously inserted bookmark.
End Sub

Congratulations, you a have taken your first step into the exciting world of programing. Feel free to celebrate with a cup of Java–script. You will want to continue your macro adventure by returning to your open Word document and finding your way to the File Tab. From here, go to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Click on Choose commands from: to expand a drop down menu. From this menu you will click on Macros.

In the Macros box you will see the two fresh Macros that you made in the VBE. Follow these steps to enact your new Macros:

  • Select the macro that says InsertBookmark.
  • Click Add to move the macro to the right hand column.
  • Make sure this macro is still selected and click Modify.
  • In the Display name: text box, enter Mark.
  • Select a better icon that fits your style.
  • Click OK.

Go ahead and repeat these 6 steps for the other macro that is labeled ReturnToBookmark. Click OK when done and the Word Options menu will disappear.

Your new macros will show up in the QAT menu; you will be able to find them to the right of the Undo and Redo buttons. To use your macro, find a place in your document that you want to mark, select the spot and then click on your new macro icon. Scroll down a ways and hit the macro icon again, Word will now take you back to the very spot that you left off. That is the power of macros!

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