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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 26,2012

If you are a veteran of the many different editions of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, and you are having a difficult time adjusting to the new tile interface of Windows 8, then we have for you a free download for a classic toolbar that can be used with Windows 8. This will essentially make everything right again with a single button.

This service is brought to you by Classic Shell, and you can download this feature from their website classicshell.sourceforge.net. From here you will click on the Download Now! button. Next, locate the downloaded file on your hard drive and use the Windows Installer to install Classic Shell to your PC.

From the Classic Shell Setup Wizard, you will want to choose custom setup in order to select only the Classic Shell features that you want. The Classic Shell download is automatically setup to install three additional features that you may or may not want, if you are only interested in adding the start menu, then you will have to turn off the additional three features. This is done by clicking on the icon for each unwanted feature, opening the drop down menu, and then selecting Entire feature will be unavailable.

If you did this correctly, then you will see a red X next to the features that you have opted out of, and the icon for the Classic Start Menu feature will remain unchanged. When you are finished choosing your features then click the Next button to proceed, followed by hitting Install.

After the install is complete, the familiar looking start menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, just like you remember it. You will notice that the Classic Shell logo has replaced the Microsoft logo, but besides that one minor detail, your new smart menu will function just like the Windows 7 start menu.

The Windows launch button on your keyboard will launch the Windows menu just like it is supposed to, but if you would like to use this key to switch back the Windows 8 start screen, then you will need to right click on the Classic Shell start button and go to settings. In the basic settings under Windows Key opens you will want to select Windows Start Screen. Now you can press a single key to take you back to the efforts of Microsoft to move you forward.

Windows 8 is a great new product, but it is odd that Microsoft did not build this feature into their new platform. Naturally, when Microsoft leaves something wanting in their offering, third party developers like Classic Shell see this as an opportunity to fill the void and meet consumer demands. As Windows 8 becomes established on the market, be on the lookout for more new third party features developed to improve user experience.

What do you think? Have you adjusted to Windows 8? Or are you taking the first Classic Shell train back to Classic Windows Town?

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