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Demystifying The Cloud for Golf and Country Clubs

What is the cloud and why does my golf and country club need it? Let’s talk about how cloud computing can revolutionize your club and take you to a whole new level.

Demystifying The Cloud for Golf and Country Clubs

What is the cloud and why does my golf and country club need it? Let’s talk about how cloud computing can revolutionize your club and take you to a whole new level.

It’s not rare nowadays to hear about different companies who are taking their businesses “on the cloud”. At first, maybe you are thinking they are probably surrendering their business to a higher being but it is actually the contrary.

A lot of businesses, including golf and country clubs, are left in the dark phases of the Age of Information. While they do use computers and various other technologies within their clubs, these are usually remnants of a bygone era.

Take phones for example. It’s quite astonishing to see how some businesses still have landlines when the VOIP technology offers a more cost-effective and business-centric option.

This is pretty much the same as being “on the cloud”. At this point, there’s no reason for businesses to stay away from it and it’s only a matter of time until everybody is on board. The only question is, would you want your golf and country club to be left behind?

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Before you answer that question, let’s take a short 5-minute trip to talk about the “cloud”, what it is, and how it can be beneficial for your golf and country club. Are you ready?

What is the “Cloud?”

The cloud is what we call a network of computer servers that people can access over the Internet. These servers contain data and software applications that people use daily. Cloud servers can be located in any of the hundreds of thousands of data centers all over the world.

In the past, for a business to operate smoothly, they had to create a small tech ecosystem within the 4 walls of their offices. With a server and data center in the middle, the ecosystem connects the hundreds if not thousands of computers and tools that are all necessary for the business to run normally on a daily basis. While this system worked, it was a big financial and security burden for the company. For a lot of businesses that were so far removed from the tech industry like golf and country clubs, this was a different language and it got confusing. As a result, it took a big chunk of the capital and operational budget just to keep up.

Luckily for us, the Cloud solves all of this in one fell swoop. With the cloud, you remove everything except for the computers, smartphones, and other Internet-connected tools. No more sweaty in-house data centers and server rooms that cost a fortune. With the cloud, you have access to state-of-the-art computing and processing power. All of this can easily be accessed by your computer or smartphone through the Internet. The process of accessing the cloud and using it to store, manage, and process data is called cloud computing.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing is when you use software to use the cloud for a variety of reasons from data storage to data processing.

Take attendance and salary for example. In the past, people had to manually punch their cards then somebody took those cards for recording. The hours are then calculated so the business knows how much to pay each person.

With cloud computing, a person only needs to flash their IDs on an IR reader that automatically sends the information to the cloud. Back in the office, a worker just presses a button and all the information gets automatically grabbed from the cloud and is processed. What appears on the computer screen are the total number of hours a person has worked, where exactly they worked, and how much they are going to be paid in full complete with all the deductibles which will automatically be submitted to the cloud to be accessed by another person.

All of these things happen in the Cloud and not inside your computer. So a mid-range device can do the work of a data-crunching behemoth with the help of cloud computing.

How Can My Golf and Country Club Benefit from Cloud Computing?

  1. Faster ROI – Cloud computing offers clubs a variety of software solutions that can cater to all their needs. This can come in the form of POS, project management systems, and data recording systems. With the Cloud’s capability, you are saving on not having to spend on high-powered servers just to help you process daily data. Signing up for the cloud is cheaper than building up your own IT infrastructure. With more effective software at your disposal, it’s much easier to earn back whatever you spent on signing up for the Cloud.
  2. Scalable – Various Cloud computing software have various tiers available for different types of users. Just starting? Try the basic version of a software that has all you need on an affordable price tag. Seeing more customers lately? Upgrade to a more robust version of the software to be able to keep up with your growth. Need something more? Most of the software is easily customizable for clients that have special needs and requirements.
  3. Lower Financial Barrier of Entry – Most Cloud services work on a pay-as-you-go model with very little to no upfront cost. This means you will only pay for whatever you are using so clubs can easily write it off as an operational expense instead of a capital expense. This is perfect for smaller clubs that want to start small but might need to scale in time. The seasonal nature of some clubs can also benefit from the model because you pay less when you’ve got fewer customers coming in.
  4. Access – Putting your business on the Cloud means it can be accessed by your staff anywhere as long as they have Internet connection. Need to collaborate on a new plan for your club restaurant? Have the chef, manager, and club owner connect through the cloud even if they are continents apart using different devices.
  5. Security – While nothing is 100% secure on the Internet, the Cloud is much safer than a padlocked room inside your club premises. When you are handling customer information and data, security is a top priority. Most Cloud services have fail-safes available when their security gets breached. There are also consistent backups made of your data to ensure business continuity.

The Cloud may sound like this intimidating business jargon but in reality, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. Most businesses will have no problems transitioning from a traditional setup to a cloud setup with the help of a trusted service provider. If you are thinking of jumping on to the Cloud, contact Tektonic if you are from Toronto or nearby locations. We provide IT support to all businesses in Toronto and nearby areas. We can provide you with a plan on how you can take your golf and country club to the next level with the help of Cloud computing.

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