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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 25,2017

The team of IT experts from Tektonic is excited to announce that they have received official certification as a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner for the small-to-mid-sized business market in the GTA. Tektonic has nearly two decades of experience in optimizing Microsoft technologies for business owners and this recognition is an incredibly valued milestone. This partnership with Microsoft will enrich Tektonic’s ability to optimize technology for professionals trying to stay competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

If there’s one thing the Tektonic team has noticed over the last few years, it’s that more and more business professionals are giving serious consideration to cloud migration. Cloud migration is already an incredibly popular solution among businesses across every industry, for many different reasons. Migrating to the cloud offers increased accessibility, productivity, and scalability for business owners who are looking to update their approach to technology. However, many business owners feel overwhelmed by the idea of a Cloud migration and what it entails. That’s why Tektonic is committed to helping business owners realize just how seamless the transition can be.

Since its inception, Tektonic has been a proud advocate of Microsoft technologies. In recent years, Microsoft has been leading the charge in Cloud optimization solutions for business owners. The Tektonic team is committed to helping small-to-mid-sized business owners take advantage of enterprise-level technology solutions like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, all of which are based in the Cloud. These software applications are jam packed with productive power, and by centralizing everything in the Cloud, they allow for broader access abilities to drive efficiency for busy professionals.

This Silver partnership strengthens Tektonic’s relationship with Microsoft and gives their team direct access to support with Microsoft technicians as needed. Additionally, their partnership allows them to better leverage Microsoft solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations alike. Overall, Tektonic’s partnership with Microsoft ensures a reliable GTA Cloud provider for professionals of all kinds.

Tektonic Managing Partner, Jorge Rojas, states that their certification with Microsoft as a Silver Cloud Partner is a testament to Tektonic’s commitment to understanding the specific benefits Microsoft solutions have to offer.

“Our partnership with Microsoft means we have dynamic experience and expertise in cloud services, migration and support,” says Rojas. “This has been verified by Microsoft, by contacting our clients, and by meeting all of the Microsoft technical requirements.”

“Our entire team has first-hand experience in helping business owners harness the productive power that Microsoft solutions offer,” continues Rojas. “We’ve seen the power these solutions have to help business-owners take hold of technology and drive productivity and growth.”

“The name of the game for us is always to make the lives of our clients easier, using smart and strategic technology solutions,” adds Rojas. “Our certification as a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Partner reflects that commitment. We look forward to a continued partnership with Microsoft and we are eager to continue helping business owners uncover the optimization power that Microsoft solutions hold.”

Wondering how your business or organization can take advantage of Tektonic’s status as a Silver Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner? Considering Cloud migration but not sure where to start? Reach out to the Tektonic team right away at (416) 256-9928 or sales@tek-help.com.



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