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Tektonic Client Spotlight: CHATS

CHATS-Community & Home Assistance To Seniors is one of our many valued clients. Read on to learn all about the support services they provide for older adults and their caregivers.

CHATS-Community & Home Assistance To Seniors

As proud as we are of the work we do, we know that it’s only a part of the success we have as a business. The Tektonic team understands that we would be nothing without our clients. We’re so grateful to work with them and we’re proud to have been trusted to support the technologies they rely on every day.

To recognize these many ongoing growing relationships, we want to take this opportunity to talk about one client in particular…


CHATS-Community & Home Assistance To Seniors is a wonderful organization, comprised of hundreds of volunteers and staff members, all working to enrich the quality of life of seniors and their caregivers.

As a partner in the healthcare system, CHATS provides home and community services and experiences for older adults and caregivers. They operate on the belief that with appropriate support, older adults can live independently, safely, and well at home.

CHATS is a not-for-profit charitable organization, supported by funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health, the United Way of Greater Toronto, and donor and event fundraising.

What Does CHATS Do?

CHATS provides a basket of services to its clients designed to provide individualized care and support. Ranging from in-home supports such as 24/7 Assisted Living, personal care, home making and home maintenance, to adult day programs, transportation, Meals on Wheels, wellness and diversity programs, and telephone reassurance to name a few. CHATS supports both the older adult as well as their informal caregiver. Often referred to as “respite care”, these supports are essential to helping caregivers cope with the challenge of keeping their loved ones at home.

At its recent Corporate Breakfast attended by Tektonic, CHATS presented on the topic of caregiver burnout.

This is a major concern for the seniors population and those associated with it. As the population ages, more and more spouses, adult children, relatives and friends are finding themselves in the role of caregivers.

Unfortunately, without the right resources, training or experience, caregivers can quickly experience burnout, especially when combined with their career and other family and personal responsibilities.

In the course of the presentation, CHATS provided tips to help caregivers in these situations to manage their stress and workload, and avoid burnout.

From simply acknowledging the challenging nature of their role as a caregiver, to calling upon healthcare and social service resources such as respite care, counselling and support groups, the presentation provided applicable knowledge and tools to help informal caregivers.

And this was just one example of the work that CHATS does. CHATS delivers vitally important services for an often-overlooked demographic in our society. What they do is worthy of recognition. Tektonic would like to encourage other businesses and individuals to consider supporting CHATS, so that the organization can increase the resources and services it provides in our community. For more information on this organization please visit, www.chats.on.ca.

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