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You Get What You Pay for with Technology Support

Sometimes, “Cheap” Can Turn Out to be Expensive… And This is Almost Always the Case with Technology Support.

You Get What You Pay for with Technology Support

Many business owners find the managed IT services approach to be incredibly appealing, especially nowadays when technology advances at a rapid rate and cybercrime is evolving faster than ever before. When you choose the managed IT services approach, you’re able to offload the monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support of your entire information technology infrastructure. But what should you spend on managed IT services? And is it worth it to save a few (or a lot of) dollars?

The simple answer: Not usually. Sometimes, “cheap” can turn out to be expensive in the long-run. Think about it this way… You buy a cheap car and end up in the shop all the time paying to fix parts. You buy a cheap pair of shoes and end up having to buy a new pair next season because they don’t last. It’s no different with your technology support. In fact, it’s typically worse because your technology has such an enormous impact on your day-to-day operations.

What Happens When You Choose the “Cheap” Route for Managed IT Services?

There is no industry standard, per say, so MSPs can charge whatever they choose, but some MSPs charge very little because they find workarounds to keep their own expenses low. This typically results in less-than-reliable technology support that leaves you with:

  • Data loss resulting from backup not being verified and tested
  • Unresponsive support wherein you’re waiting hours, or worse, days for help
  • Hidden fees in terms of support because it’s not unlimited
  • Malware infections resulting from a lack of comprehensive cybersecurity solutions
  • Software configuration and/or compatibility issues as they’re not included or supported
  • And much, much more

The only way an MSP can cut costs is typically spending less on labor – the very thing you’re paying for when you’re buying managed IT services. If you’re spending less on labor, that means they’re relying solely on remote monitoring and other tools that don’t truly get the job done.

How Do You Know If They’re Charging Too Little for Managed IT Services?

The best way to find an MSP that charges the right amount is to get a few quotes for what you need. Talk to a few MSPs and avoid choosing the “cheapest” option unless you feel confident you’re getting everything you need. This means asking questions about the services they’re planning to provide before you sign an agreement:

  • Is it truly all-inclusive – meaning remote and onsite support are included?
  • Will you support my third-party software programs?
  • How do you approach data backups and disaster recovery?
  • What are your plans for keeping me safe against cybercrime?
  • Do you have a response time guarantee?

The cost varies, but you should expect to spend a minimum of $125 per user or a maximum of $350 per user. Many MSPs will offer various plans, such as:

  1. A basic plan that costs around $125 – $200 per user, per month and includes monitoring, maintenance, and cybersecurity for all devices. They will likely include a set number of hours or an all-inclusive remote/onsite support offering.
  2. A mid-level plan that costs around $150 – $300 per user, per month with all of the services above included, as well as data backup and business continuity (with testing/verification).
  3. A high end plan that costs around $300 – $350 per user, per month with all of the services included in the mid-level plan, as well as managing your hosted or cloud-based environment.

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