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Are You Confident In Your Tech Support Company?

Is your IT team fully protecting your confidential business information — or are they engaging in risky behavior when it comes to the files they are storing for your company?  

Confident In Your Toronto Tech Support Company?

Is your IT team fully protecting your confidential business information — or are they engaging in risky behavior when it comes to the files they are storing for your company?  

When you think about it, your tech support company literally holds your entire company within their hands — storing all of your personal and confidential data, business systems and operational processes. While the vast majority of companies are trustworthy, have you ever considered what could happen if the company suddenly went out of business? This nightmare recently occurred for several companies in the Ottawa area who discovered that their confidential business and personal information had been left behind in an office building after their IT company suddenly packed up in the middle of the night. Among the companies impacted were law firms, film production companies and even a political party, and over 10 million records were found on the discarded hard drives and physical copies of information. Unfortunately, this story occurs more often than you might expect, which is why it’s vital to fully vet your tech support company and always check references before you trust another organization with your sensitive business data.

Has Your Tech Support Company Protected Your Information?

In a world where data scientists are able to “un-anonymize” data that has been stored, it’s particularly important that your tech support company is doing everything possible to protect your sensitive business information. Simply wiping hard drives is no longer enough — the drives should be physically destroyed if you hope to keep your data out of the hands of cybercriminals. If your IT support professionals are not fully engaged in creating a protective layer around your business systems and information, it could be only a matter of time before your customer data is available somewhere on the dark web — or left behind in a storeroom when your IT company goes out of business.

Dangers of Working with a Low-Cost Tech Support Company

While getting the best possible price on goods and services is simply good business, there are times that you don’t necessarily want to go with the low-cost provider. When it comes to tech support and trusting an organization with the infrastructure of your company, you want to be sure you’re getting a high degree of value as opposed to simply lower pricing than their competitors. Finding that value starts with having a solid relationship in place, working through several different rounds of vetting and ultimately developing an iron-clad contract with your tech support partner. This helps protect both organizations and encourages clear lines of communication.

Understand Your Data Privacy Requirements

Even when you pass off management of your data storage or distribution, it’s important to note that your company likely has ultimate responsibility for what happens if the data is breached. This is an added reason to carefully review any contracts with organizations that have access to your customer or business data. Even if your IT company tells you that they have “wiped the hard drives”, it’s important to confirm that the devices have been physically destroyed or you still run the risk of information being captured from those devices by wily cybercriminals.

You deserve to know that your communications and technology infrastructure is being managed by an organization that you can trust. Tektonic is the #1 tech support company in the Greater Toronto Area, providing IT support and services for companies of all sizes. From our safe and sound backup and disaster recovery solutions to our proactive help desk support, you can be confident that the professionals at Tektonic are working hard to protect your business at all times. Contact us at 416-256-9928 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation. We have been serving the GTA since 1998, providing dependable enterprise-level IT support and consulting services with best-in-class support from Canadian employees.

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