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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 17,2014

blog.jpgFor businesses, sending and receiving email correspondences is crucial as it is one of the major means in which they can keep in touch with their clients. Through emails any client or customer is able to send detailed information or instructions to the business. Work cannot be carried out by the business until it receives the specifications from the client. Thus, email intimations between clients and business service provider’s needs to be done regularly for the proper functioning of business activities. If for any reason there some hindrance in the sending and receiving of emails, then both the business as well as their clients are going to suffer.

In order to ensure that the business does not lose their clients due to the delay in sending or receiving emails, the business owner needs to find a way to access his emails even if its network goes offline. And now this is possible through the use of the Hosted Microsoft Exchange server. What a Hosted Exchange does is that, it gives the facility to send and receive emails from anywhere through its cloud facility and emails can even be checked over a smartphone if required on an urgent basis. So in case any business’ server faces some downtime quite often, the business owner should contact a Cloud Computing Services provider will install Microsoft Exchange on the business network and manage this entire hosted server on behalf of the business.

By doing this, the business owner will not need to waste time in contacting some local IT technicians to come and fix the servers that go offline frequently. But instead he will save more money on just hiring a dedicated IT service provider to manage the entire Hosted Exchange network of behalf of his business. He may just need to pay a fixed monthly service charge to the service provider which is ultimately cheaper than hiring the services of an individual IT technician who might take a long time to complete fix the problem. And the time taken by the technician to get the network back online, further delays the business processes as he first needs to locate the problem before fixing it.

So now the business owner will not need to bother about contacting IT technicians as the server will never go down if it is managed by a reputed IT service provider. And once the Hosted Microsoft Exchange program is installed, a business will get all the benefits of cloud computing and will be able to send and receive email data on the cloud itself. Moreover, Microsoft Exchange has an in-built storage space of around 25GB with all the latest anti-malware and other anti-spamming software’s installed. It also has easy collaboration and configuration settings so that the process of sending and receiving emails between a business and their clients becomes more safe and secure.

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