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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 11,2015

“It’s as if a thousand stores cried out in terror.” This was the case February when RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced plans to sell between 1,500 and 2,400 of its stores. For anybody with an affinity for technology, this announcement is sad news. Let’s honor the passing of an American institution by taking a look back at the Shack.

Fact: RadioShack has been around for as long as you can remember. The founding of RadioShack dates back to 19-before-electricity-was-everywhere-21 by two Boston brothers, Theodore and Milton Deutschmann. The name “Radio Shack” was a relevant choice for back then, seeing that they primarily sold radio equipment to ships off the Boston port and the average boat housed its radio equipment in a wooden, shack-like structure.

As you’re well aware, RadioShack went on to sell much more than radio equipment for boats. The store expanded to specialize in virtually every piece of consumer electronics one could ever need or want, like computers, cameras, portable telephones, televisions, remote control cars, and much, much more. The height of the RadioShack empire saw 4,297 stores open for business and RadioShack’s stock prices peaked in 1999.

The demise of RadioShack can be attributed to a host of different factors, such as the Internet cutting into the sales of brick and mortar retail stores, poor management, and the ever-changing needs of consumers. We could spend all day analyzing what went wrong with RadioShack, but that’s not for today. Instead, we want to pay homage to the Shack by taking a look back at its glory days, and nothing captures the essence of RadioShack better than four decades worth of television commercials, many of which are available on YouTube. Here’s to you, RadioShack!

1976: Back When Catalogues Where All the Rage

1978: Take it from Charles Napier

1980: “Tandy Technology, Service, and Support are Clearly Superior”

1983: Learn to Write Program with the TRS-80 Model III

1986: What are You Doing in My Office RadioShack?

1988: You’ve Got a Whole Brick, In Your Hand

1991: A Tandy Notebook PC for Your Private Jet

1994: Hands Down, the Best Commercial in America

1997: Batteries and Heavy Metal Soundtrack Not Included

1999: A Laugh at Dad’s Expense

2001: Daisy is Not the Only Cheater

2006: 9/10 Ninjas Prefer RadioShack

2013: Ain’t No Party Like a RadioShack Party, I Guess

2014: Every 80s Celebrity Ever: Great Idea, or Sign of Desperation?

2014: Not even the Star Power of ALF Could Save RadioShack

The closure of RadioShack means there will now be a vacant store in our mall and no more fun commercials like these on TV. If you’re used to hitting up your local RadioShack for your technology needs and you don’t know where to turn to next, then consider the IT professionals at Tektonic for your next technology purchase. We’ll carry on the torch of providing ON with “technology service and support that’s clearly superior.”

Do you have fond memories of spending time down at the Shack? Which one of these commercials did you enjoy the most? Express your love for RadioShack in the comments!

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